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Thread: Jamie

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    I bought a PS3 off Jamie. Couldn't have asked for a smoother transcation. Well packaged and friendly comms throughout.

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    Responded to Jamies wanted add for some US PS1 RPGs, he was very polite and responded quickly to all PM's

    We agreed a deal and he paid quickly too

    A pleaseure to deal with!

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    Bought a modded Panasonic Q cable from me. Paid quickly and pms were nice and friendly

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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    Jamie bought my xrgb-3 and was a perfect buyer with friendly comms and instant payment. A pleasure to deal with.

    Thanks again

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    Whoops forgot to leave FB!

    Jamie purchase a PS1 game from me. Paid quickly and good comms.

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    Sold Jamie the finest PC-Engine game available, Dracula-X. Prompt payment, perfect buyer. Cheers mate.

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    Traded with Jamie, Persona 2 for Thousand Arms. Very smooth trade as expected. Thanks pal.

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    Bought an HD projector from Jamie, absolutely hassle free.

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    Bought Akumajo Dracula off Jamie and when he says 'amazing condition' he means it. And because he packaged it so amazingly well it arrived in amazing condition too.

    Very happy

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    A fine fella indeed. Sent me 3 games for nowt and then threw in a fourth! Soopoib


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