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Thread: Jamie

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    Bought loads of Jamie in the last few months , well happy with all of it... I'll be back when I get paid again cheers

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    I bought a Dreamcast game from Jamie. He was a pleasure to deal with - thanks.

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    Jamie sold me some Neo Geo Pocket games, and everything went very smoothly - thanks very much.

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    Jamie sold me a nice Mario Kart US cart Arrived in top shape quickly, despite busy postal period. Thanks pal!

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    Got Killer7 for Gamecube from Jamie. No problems, good to deal with. Recommended.

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    Bought a lovely region free white Japanese Saturn from Jamie. He had a 'mare with the courier but kept on top of it and even sent me a wee extra something as compensation. Top man. Thanks again.

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    Jamie bought an Xbox pad from me, was a pleasure to deal with :-)

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    Game arrived in great shape. Looking forward to playing this in English!

    Thanks mate

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    Sold Jamie a MD game. A pleasure to deal with as always. Thanks again.


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