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  1. #11
    To me this just totally pwns Blur, Blur just feels so devoid of feelings , it just left me cold , but this is more my style , RR , sliding round corners and everything from the handling to the 30FPS engine look awesome, sorry Bizarre but you aint getting my money this time.
    p.s PSN demo aint out till 11th May WTF??
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  2. #12
    |I liked it a lot but wasn't keen on the 30fps. It lacks pace and urgency which is odd as it's meant to be a high octance racers.
    Apart from that it's so much better than Blur which for me is another poor title from Bizarre. I think they are hugely overrated anyway.
    Great handling model, really cool powerslides and exciting destruction ideas too.

    Just wish it was faster.

  3. #13
    I thought the demo was a really good slice. The game looks lovely (30fps has never bothered me) and the pace is very fast when you get up to top speed. It's also surprisingly clear to see the route ahead, which is an achievement despite the amount of stuff on show.

    The only thing I didn't like so much was that the weapons are environmental. At times it felt like I was racing down a straight track for ages waiting for the icon to appear so I could unleash an attack. Maybe this is the easiest track, but without the wanton destruction the track is fairly bland, without many alternative routes. The big events are spectacular, but they will lose alot of impact after a short while.

    The handling is really nice, although there doesn't seem to be much depth to it at all. It's just hold down the accelerator and tap the break occasionally. Blur's maybe more divisive, but I find the cars have more weight and inertia behind them which means it requires driving closer to PGR.

    Overall though, this has more of feeling of classic Sega racers about it whereas Blur is the spiritual successor to Mariokart. I can see that this will possibly be the better single player game, but I'll be amazed if it beats Blur as a multiplayer game. I can see getting twatted by an environmental effect as annoying in an online race, whereas in Blur if someone takes you out from a long distance on a corner with a shock, you know it's due to good skill.

    Day One for Blur. I'll pick this up later in the year.
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  4. #14
    Quite enjoyed the demo - it's my kind of racing game. Really liked the music too.

  5. #15
    Holy sheet!! I just took out 3 opponents with an airport terminal!! Replay of that was amazing!!

    Totally a day one purchase for me. Great handling, sounds meaty and is immense fun!!

    Black Rock have now produced 2 quality racing games.

    I want to play the PS3 demo too as that is my format of choice.

  6. #16
    Really impressed with the game and the tech , it totally owns Blur for starters . Great fun and some of the best handling around . Loved the music too .

    Playing this reminded me of Scud Racer for some reason

  7. #17
    Had a few playthroughs last night and I was surprised by how the divide in playstyles between this and Blur are wider than they first appear to be. The first thing that hit me was the outside view... the game runs sooo much slower in that view and the swinging camera makes it too hard to play which is a shame as it's sheer eye candy overwise. Switching to the inside view the pace quickens and the controls just click. It's still slower than I expected but I'm reserving judgement on that as it'd be weird for a racer to not have faster unlockable cars as you progress.

    Each time I did a run through the course direction altered quite a bit and played out differently which is impressive. After a few more it's going to start repeating but say it manages 6 variations... that's still 5 variations more than 99% of other racers on the market. The power plays impressed me as well. They've managed to perfectly balance them so that they feel practically deadly but avoidable at the same time. On the second run through I managed to get a comfortable lead so didn't have many triggers to blow the track come up, but the key difference with this and most racers is 1st place isn't a boring place to be in, because the other cars are behind me in the race I'm tearing down straights with the walls blowing out around me trying to keep the car on the road.

    There's an improved chance I might get Blur as though I feel it's the less interesting and... kinda soulless alternative to this, it is a different kind of racer. Though generally speaking I'm now expecting Split/Second to be my fave and possibly cause Blur to underperform at retail.

  8. #18
    I thought it a gorgeous looking game but incredibly unresponsive. You press left and it seems to take a quarter of a second to actually turn left. Maybe I've been playing too much Forza 3 running at a beautiful 60 fps recently, but even compared to PGR and Blur this felt too slow to respond.

  9. #19
    Just checked the release date. 21st May. Not good, same day as Red Dead.

    28th is Blur too.

  10. #20
    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
    I thought it a gorgeous looking game but incredibly unresponsive. You press left and it seems to take a quarter of a second to actually turn left. Maybe I've been playing too much Forza 3 running at a beautiful 60 fps recently, but even compared to PGR and Blur this felt too slow to respond.
    A lack of control response will always be a problem with 30fps games. Some people notice it more than others, so it's definitely a game breaker for a certain percentage of gamers. There's a good reason why the majority of Japanese racers( even modern Ridge Racers, Gran Turismo ) have run at 60fps; a high framerate feels much slicker and enables more precise control.

    A lot of western devs know that the majority of gamers don't care about framerate, so they design their projects to run at 30fps. Forza is a rare example of a western racing series that is designed to run at 60fps and lots of gamers recognise and appreciate that choice.


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