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    Dark Souls 2 [360, PS3, PC] Review

    Turned up this morning and just installed it and played for the first 30 mins or so.

    First up, the server wasn't online when I started, so no phantoms, messages or any of that yet.

    So anyway, this is Dark Souls. Following a fairly long intro, which doesn't give away much, you're dumped into the first area, totally alone. So very alone. There's a real sense of loneliness and solitude here. Had an aimless wander round the area, nosing into various nooks and crannies. Came across some ominous-looking footprints and stupidly decided to follow them... popped up the first achievement soon after.

    Not much else to say for the time being, as I won't get a proper game till later this afternoon, but for now, this is the Dark Souls you know and love. Looks great too, though there's a fair bit of tearing and some vsync issues right from the off (I'm playing on 360).

    Really looking forward to getting properly stuck in.

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    Merci beaucoup. Praise the sun!

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    I'd really like to get this somewhere down the line, despite all the net chat regarding the noticeable visual differences between gameplay trailers and the final retail version. I'd take the PC version now to be honest if I thought my laptop would run it. =/

    Still, enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by endo View Post
    ... popped up the first achievement soon after.
    Ah haha, I did exactly the same thing.

    I've got the Hong Kong version, so the servers were working for me. Plenty of messages, of varying degrees of usefulness, about the place. Some very strange deaths, one poor chap appeared to attack the shop keeper, realise he wasn't evenly matched and died trying to leg it.

    Can't say I got more than an hour in last night, but damn, it's good to be back.

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    Wait, servers are regional again? Not the P2P crap that dark souls foisted on us? That's great news if so!

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    Got it a day early from

    Managed to sneak in a few hours on the PS3 version today, it's good but not as good as Dark Souls or Demon Souls so far.

    It's got some balancing issues and there is a issue with lighting, which I think I found the cause of. There are a few odd changes to the gameplay system but it's Dark Souls and it's good. It's a bit rough around the edges and I've seen a few bugs but nothing major, which suggest this needed a month or two more in development for final polishing and fine tuning, the 125MB day one patch I had to download also adds to this idea.

    That said this feels like an expansion pack sequel so if you like the first one you'll like the second.

    So far it feel more linear than the previous game with you being hurdled in one direction so far, however it looks like it starting to branch at the point were I'm at.

    Balancing wise this game is slightly harder as level up's cost a lot more souls this time around and I've noticed weapon requirements have been move around so you can't just change around weapons as much based on you starting class. Instead I'm finding you have to buy a lot more levels up to swap around a bit, as a result I am still using my starting sword at the moment.

    As mentioned on other sites there does appear to be a issue with lighting in some areas. This is due to the fact that I think the game was designed so you were supposed to have a torch in hand for most of it at . As there are now hundreds of lamps throughout the game that you can light, problem is each torch you pick up only lasts for 5 minutes and you have to carry it in one hand, if you change to a shield, second weapon etc.. you will put the torch out.

    Carrying the torch around the starting town I noticed it fixed the lighting on most of the NPC's only the Cat still had issues. The way From Software have implemented the torch is awful the countdown time means you have to sprint from one lamp to the next to light up the ****ing game in the darker area. The Tutorial area is really bad for this, saying that I walked straight pass the tutorial area when I started and ended up revisiting it a few hours later. The design behind it is rather poor and I can't help feel that they should have done the torch as a normal equipment item, that you could light for a few minutes via a consumable kindle item which would have been a far better idea. I also have a feeling that lighting torches might be connected to the story.

    Asides from the crap torch idea, the rest of the gameplay is pretty much the same, few tweaks in that you can't level at bonfires and can now return to human form anywhere. Bonfires give you access to the item box from the start and you can also travel between bonfires right from the start.

    So far I'd give it a 7/10 with Demon's on a 8/10 and Dark Souls one on a 9/10.

    Should also say not played online yet at the moment.
    Last edited by S3M; 13-03-2014 at 09:32 PM.

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    Interesting. A review I read the other day said it starts off easier for the unseasoned player. Once the linearity ends and the branching begins, it really starts to get tough.

    The only torch S3M likes to carry is the one he holds for faMMyDoDd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    Interesting. A review I read the other day said it starts off easier for the unseasoned player. Once the linearity ends and the branching begins, it really starts to get tough.

    The only torch S3M likes to carry is the one he holds for faMMyDoDd.
    Sadly the only torch I carry at the moment is for my achievement score, which seems to have long since surpassed yours Prinny.

    That and the one some crap From Software games designer added to this game.
    Last edited by S3M; 13-03-2014 at 10:20 PM.

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    I agree with S3M, the lighting is way off. Not helped by some garish art design in terms of colour clash, plus more expansive vistas which really expose the flaws. It looks low res, flat and washed out in parts. Others are stunning to see though. Very uneven. Gameplay wise it's as it was but it's not gripping me as before as overall it seems to have lost much of it's grim, oppressive, nervy atmosphere, which isn't helped in that you can barely turn a corner without tripping over another bonfire/safe haven (mind you I'm only about 4 hours in, and this may be intended to help new Souls players get to grips with it all). Something that's really bugging me, though: when you go to buy weapons/armour from a merchant it doesn't show you how the item will alter your stats. At least, I'll be damned if I can find it. Anyone know? If not, does it mean you've got to buy items blind, in the hope they might improve your stats?! Voice acting is really good, sounds like they got some of the old Demons cast in! Enemy ragdoll physics is also better - dead ones don't get tangled around your legs like big water balloons anymore. Started as cleric class for a change, god knows why, maybe because of the flashy robes. Are clerics any good? Might start over if not.
    Last edited by Golgo; 14-03-2014 at 12:41 AM.


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