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    Hasn't knack been on plus already?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Hasn't knack been on plus already?

    Extra letters for the win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Finally I get to play Knack the way it was meant to played.

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    Haha damn straight. I remember the initial announcement when Mark Cerny said "I hope people will feel the love for this when it is free and they realised no money was spent... but they bought PS sub but it still feels better than spending 50 nicker on this, cheers"

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    Glad I didn't buy RIme in the Jan sale now!

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    For Sony's March 2019 PlayStation Plus offerings, they shanking you of the PS3 and Vita titles. Along with hiking up the price of the service, they're removing rewards. No word on whether they're increasing the number of PS4 titles (I'd doubt it).

    Thanks Sony.

    The PlayStation Plus Monthly Games allocation will no longer include PS3 and PS Vita titles after 8 March 2019
    PlayStation®3 (PS3™) or PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) titles will be included in the PlayStation®Plus Monthly Games allocation until 8 March 2019.

    After 8 March 2019, the Monthly Games provided to PlayStation Plus members will no longer include PS3 or PS Vita titles. Any PS3 or PS Vita Monthly Games downloaded or previously added to your Download List will remain playable for as long as you remain a PlayStation Plus member.

    Beyond 8 March 2019, Monthly Games will only include PlayStation®4 (PS4™) titles. All other features and benefits of the PlayStation Plus service will remain unaffected.
    For March 2018
    Bloodborne (PS4)
    Ratchet and Clank (PS4)
    Legend of Kay Anniversary (PS3)
    Mighty No. 9 (PS3 and PS4)
    Claire: Extended Cut (PS Vita and PS4)
    Bombing Busters (PS Vita and PS4)
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    Heard blood borne and ratchet are coming to the ps4 this month

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    March 2019. They're giving a whole year of notice. That's fair.

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    Another hint they should just formally give the Vita a send off but both get a decent wrap up. Sony should give those players a good send off with some generous titles.

    As for PS4, good month this month


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