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    Just started watching season 8 as we tend to binge watch it rather than watch one a week and my god its like an episode of the A-team the shootouts have been some of the most boring bits of the series I've ever seen there is no consistency in this whatsoever for example

    take the bit where the kingdom soldiers are gunned down in episode 3, it takes seconds for them all to be shot to bits from a distance of about half a mile, yet rick and Daryl can drive a jeep and a bike behind the same gun and not get a scratch. Then there's the shootout at the gun factory, their right on top of each other and they spend half the episode shooting each other with seeming endless amounts of ammo

    The first 3 episodes and just constant endless gun fights, after gun fight, its just dull. Also where the hell are the Junk yard people they seem to have been used for the double cross season finally and are now completely absent from Ricks plans or the attack on Neagan. They have taken all the effort to hit Negan on multiple fronts but not even checked what the people that double crossed them are up too. Their whole plan would have fallen to bits if negan radioed them in behind as back up, a scene showing them blocking the routes out of the junk yard so they cant sneak up on them would have filled this plot hole, if they didn't want to use them again the writers could of shown them getting killed horribly by zombies while being greedy or something and at least and given the audience some closure on this massive misstep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lebowski View Post
    Also where the hell are the Junk yard people
    Like a bad penny I'm sure they'll turn up

    I haven't started the current season yet (lacking any motivation to start it after the standard of the previous one). Yet for all its faults I'll always stick with it. Even when it stinks like a walker's slipper I do love the classic zom premise.

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    I've not watched this since episode 9 of season 8, has it improved 100% and is now the show to watch, or still the same slow plodding affair that steals precious minutes of your life?

    Don't miss it so might not bother anymore.

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    Haven't watched any of season 8 but in other forum discussions it doesn't sound like the show has changed tact at all and is still spinning its wheels. If the viewing figures continue to collapse at the rate they are through S9 then they need to come up with an end game plan to give it some true direction in the hope that they don't drag it on so much they lose future merch and home media sales.

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    In light of the serious decline the show is suffering on all fronts. the latest showrunner for the show has said that the Season 8 finale will bring to end the current season arc as well as numerous others that have run throughout the show since its beginning. He promises that Season 9 will be a new beginning for the show.

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    Season 8's finale scored viewing figures of just under 8m, the lowest for all seasons bar the first one. That's down 7m viewers in two years and 30% down from last year.

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    watched this season in chunks, as i said above i wasn't super impressed with the first part of the season but it got better, the finale was pretty standard and nothing we haven't seen before with one minor caveat

    neagan lives on as a prisoner and with all the unstable lunatics gone from the saviors they move on from under the boot of negan, it makes a bit more sense as their trying to move themselves back towards a system of justice and civilization rather than all out dictatorship.

    What id like to see happen next and what made this show interesting was the exploration aspect, things like them moving towards the cannibals at terminus or them being on the road opressed by zombies and exploring. it was far more interesting than them being sat in a prison or a walled town. it's lost the sense of dread and hopelessness and the cast is far to big. It needs to move away from the comics now and forge its own path, exploration, uncertainty and survival are what makes this show work.

    There is already a wedge growing within the group, and going into the next season id like to see that wedge blown clean open. Imagine if you will rick and a small group of those loyal to him forced out, not violently but just put in a situation that makes them not welcome, as the show really needs to remove their safety net. the hilltop and the kingdom has grown stale pretty much like the prison did.

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    The biggest shake up would be if Andrew Lincoln left, which he should, no reason he should go down with the ship. If Season 9 starts and meanders around before they come across a colony of survivors that they end up fighting again against I'd be quietly confident it'd be the last storyline the show ever told. Z Nation is a rubbish show but in one season it demonstrated just how lazy and bereft of ideas TWD is with the same concept. No reason for it either, it would have taken very little for it to still hold the figures it once did.


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