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    Blasphemy! (Covers that surpass the originals)

    This is going to be one of those threads. It could get ugly.

    Every now and then, you hear a cover that you actually think is better than the original. If you know of any, then this is the place to share them. If you can, post a video of the cover and the original as a point of reference.

    Try to elaborate on why as well, for the purpose of discussion.

    I'll start with 3, some of which I know will arose the wrath of some.

    Worm is Green's cover of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' > Joy Division's original:

    (Worm is green cover)


    For me, it's the icy, haunting sound of WIG's version that appeals. I actually think the atmosphere they convey suits the lyrics better.

    Schneider TM's cover of 'There's a Light That Never Goes Out' (called 'The Light 3000') > The Smiths' original:

    (Schneider TM cover)


    My preference for the cover is largely due to the fact that I dislike The Smiths and particularly Morissey, though this is not the only reason. I just like the sound of the cover a lot, lot more.

    Ladytron's cover of 'Oops! Oh My' > Tweet's original:

    (Ladytron cover)


    The original is nice enough; back from when Timbaland actually worked with decent artists and made decent beats, but I just think Ladyton's faster paced synth punk reworking gives the song some much needed urgency. It also works great in my DJ sets.

    OK, now it's your turn to blaspheme...

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    This is blasphemy. The first two alone are hanging offences.

    For me:
    Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah
    Landslide - Smashing Pumpkins
    Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower

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    I quite like Morriseys That's Entertainment. Oh and that foul mouthed version of Going Underground.

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    As much as I love the Stones, I think Devo's version of (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction is the superior version.

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    Goldfingers version of 99 Red Balloons. The Ataris version of 'Boys Of Summer'.

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    Muse - Feeling Good was voted the best cover ever by NME recently, I can't say I'd disagree with that, they've made the song their own.

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    I would. It's okay, but best cover ever? In 20 years time it won't even be in the top 100.

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    I prefer the Guns N' Roses version of Sympathy For The Devil, but that's probably mostly because I heard it before the Stones original.

    This might be a potentially feather-ruffling choice, but I like Wheatus's take on A Little Respect much more than the Erasure version. It's just louder and a lot more rockin' for me.

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    I cant be arsed to post the links but Johnny Cashs version of Hurt pisses over the Nine Inch Nails original. Even Trent Reznor admitted it himself.

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    Surely Nivana's cover of the Man Who Sold the World has got to be one of the best covers ever? Nobody can beat the Smiths though.


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