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    Quite enjoyed this Hounds of Love cover by the Futureheads:

    Good stuff!

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    I prefer Mary Clayton's version of Gimme Shelter over the Stones' original. She was however a backing singer on the Stones version as well. The intro on the Stones version is better though


    Mary Clayton

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    The mostly unknown version of the The Only Way is Up by Otis Clay, is miles better than the Yazz cover (i know it's the wrong way around but the cover is much more famous)

    Otis Clay


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    I love this thread.
    I can't remember some of my suggestions now.

    However, I really like this cover of Toto's "Africa" by Leo Moracchioli feat. Rabea & Hannah.
    I'm not particularly precious about the original, so this is okay with me.
    Some of Leo's covers are great, some less successful, but this one has an amazing breakdown and solo and the outro "thanks" section at the end is brilliant.

    I watched this loads of times!

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    Any cover of any Bob Dylan song, by anyone.

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    I also only hear the voice as an instrument. I have to read lyrics to get them. But i can hum all my favourite guitar solos.

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    Step On. Think i still prefer the Happy Mondays.
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    Love Radiohead but when Prince covers any song he truly makes it his. As with Creep...

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    Really interesting but personally prefer Bill Bailey with Kiran and the Bollywood Pandits but can't find a clip to post here.


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