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    Been a while since i bought anything for my DS collection, finally picked up BlackJack hi no tori hen. Plays very similar to fist of the north star where it's an interactive manga but instead of fighting you are doing surgery to save people it's a really fun game.

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    I guess the box art is better than the game?

    doesn't look half bad

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    Hehe nah the game is pretty good, love the fact it's like an interactive manga with the panels unfolding as the story kicks in. The game system is a like a surgery based ouendan.

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    Not game related but imports all the same, all the way from wax eye in NY another set of fantastic trading cards for my collection. Went and got a full case, managed to get a complete set after 20 mins of frantic box opening

    Parodies of cereal boxes with a fun horror twist, love the chase cards as there's even blacklight ones that look awesome when lit up. Even got a couple of sketch cards which was very cool as one was drawn by the series creator Joe Simko himself. Pretty rare as theres only one of each sketch card as they are hand drawn. Onlt took pics of the chase card set as i havent sorted out the base set yet.

    One day hope to attempt going for all the garbage pail kid sets but it's a daunting task as there's so many series now from the 80's originals right through to the ANS sets that are still been released.

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    Hikaru No Go 2

    Will now have to go through the unskippable 2hr tutorial again (supercard wasn't saving properly?)

    Comes with some collector cards or something. There's a window on the back of the box.
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    Well that's a bit of a bugger, i had already bought 10 of the demo carts when a full set now popped up on ebay. Looks like i'll be flipping the ones i bought back onto ebay as i decided just to shell out and get this complete set as it's easier than waiting months in hope that the other volumes turn up and at sane prices. Works out about £10 a cart for this set but it's still not cheap but very cool all the same, just hope it doesn't go missing in the post lol.

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    Fresh off the DHL truck



    No idea why img link donít work
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    Does this have full English support?

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    Thankfully they all arrived ok and without been broken in the post, now have a complete usa set of DS download station carts. Kind of tempted to get hold of some of the other demo/distro carts, there is an animal crossing relay cart that distributes the mario items to your game if you wirelessly tag the distribution cart. There is also a few dragon quest IX carts that distribute various grotto maps and a crapton of pokemon event carts although the stupid prices those go for i'll stick to the animal crossing one as it's reasonably priced.

    The DS download station carts are a nice history record of what was out for the ds, not only are some of the demos different to the finished retail version but some of the carts have data to add to various retail games, rockman starforce, chocobo tales & fossil fighters been the main 3 i have spotted so far. One interesting demo is the Gauntlet one as it never made it to a retail release.

    Now have them all inside this holder with enough space for 5 more demo carts if i spot anything interesting.


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