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    Quote Originally Posted by InvisibleKid View Post
    Does this have full English support?
    It does, yes, with all DLC on disc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nico87 View Post

    No idea why img link don’t work
    I hope you don't mind me fixing your post.

    I think you posted the URL for the picture then clicked "go advanced", which converted the text to a link, which overrides the IMG tags.

    I copied and pasted the URL between the IMG tags.

    Looks a nice set, btw!

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    Another game to the library, a true rarity in many ways as it's extremely rare that i will buy a euro region DS game but this game came out nowhere else it's both unique and fun enough that i made an exception, hell i don't even think it got a UK release as all the copies i could find are all for different euro regions but none in english however the game itself is in english weirdly enough. My version has a spanish manual, i'm not too bent up as its the typical b&w euro affair (urgh).

    Maestro is one of the more obscure DS music games out there, even on release it wasn't an easy one to find. I certainly wasn't going to say no to a sealed new copy for 3.99 and free postage too. Really fun to play once you learn the song, if you move just right the song plays perfectly, a weird but nice song selection from classical to modern stuff.

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    Another addition to the collection today, a relay cart for animal crossing wild world. Nintendo created these for retail locations to distribute the mario item set via wireless, you just went within range of the transmitter ds and then activated tag mode in your game to get one of the mario items sent to your game. From what i can find out online it was mainly toys r us that held the event.

    will see how it properly works when it turns up

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    Well my animal crossing relay cart turned up today, figured out how it works. Buy a message bottle in game and write a letter and release it into the sea, then save and go into tag mode. It will then search for the relay station and get a message bottle back with a mario item attached.

    The relay cart has some interesting info, not like a common game. Very bare bones but you can select which of the 6 mario items you want it to send to the game or have it select one from random. Seems to keep a count of how many DS's have connected to get items, seems my cart has had 251 people get stuff from it.

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    Another day, another pile of fun things from Japan, finally the animal forest amiibo cards have become available at normal prices again. The 4th series went out of stock for ages and pushed the price up to stupid levels there's no way i was paying 30,000 yen a box. So for ages i held off. Seems they reprinted them, hoping the sorted out the collation in the boxes this time as the first batch screwed it up and didnt give a full set from one box like the previous 3 series leaving a lot of pissed off people on Amazon jp.

    Also got some wonderful studio Ghibli papercraft kits and cases to display them in, been after the totoro ones for a while but there are a few others i would like to get hold of too. And a few replacement DS games to replace the jank ones that were sent to me in last months shipment.

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    After a nerve wracking 30 mins tearing open packs & sorting i breathed a sigh of relief when i managed to get a whole set of series 4, man those card ratios were pretty tight wth only one of quite a lot of the cards in the box. Well i managed to do what i failed to with the e-reader cards when they came out as i now have a 100% totally complete set of animal forest amiibo cards. All 400 plus the 5 promo cards, now deliberating wether to get the other set of animal forest cards that were released to work with new leaf plus the other 6 Sanrio colaboration set but those are damn expensive now.

    I swear to god Nintendo, you better let these cards be used in the next mainline animal forest game or i'm coming for you lol.


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