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    Sorry for posting in here but I was wondering if battle garegga would be coming out in Europe. Dangun feveron was also supposed to be coming out too.
    I think I read somewhere that Dangun Feveron was scheduled to release in Europe (can't remember for sure though), but I've not seen anything to suggest Garegga will appear, and it's been out for a while now, so I wouldn't hold my breath. Just get it on the Japanese store- it's easy to do and totally worth it.

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    I've been holding out for a European release of Dangun too ... the whole M2 ShotTriggers affair seemed really promising a while back but feels like it's lost some steam of late.

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    Limited Run Games (link) are very aware that folks want a physical version of Garegga in the west, and they're making noises to suggest they're working on it. Absolutely no guarantees at this stage mind.


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