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Thread: Cepp

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    Bought a few Dreamcast games from me. Paid super quick! I never know what to write in these things.

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    Had my modded ps2 off me. Great to deal with throughout.
    Glad someone will enjoy playing this.

    Thanks mate.

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    bought a n64 game off me paid very quickly

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    Bought a snes game from me. Very polite and quick payment. Thanks!

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    Bought a few PS1 games from, a pleasure to deal with, top marks all round.

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    Bought a couple of ps2 games from Cepp. Perfect all round.

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    Cepp sent me a game free of charge, such a friendly and generous guy. Credit to the forum community!

    Thanks again!


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    Got a nice freebie ps1 game from this guy. Cheers mate!

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    I bought a few PS2 games from Cepp. The comms were great, the games were well packaged and they arrived quickly. Top stuff.


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