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    Oh and when yours arrives, please post pics - want to see what colour combinations you went with.

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    Any chance of some tees with smaller logos? I'd particularly like one of the 2 tone shirts with a smaller logo.

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    How small dude? The more info the better! Help me out here so I get you the perfect T.

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    Say an inch or two square. I'm thinking like a Fred Perry type of logo or similar.

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    On the breast or still centered?
    And any particular colour for the logo?

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    Yeah, on the breast. Not too bothered about the colour. Like the favicon would be awesome but if not navy or black would also be cool.

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    - smallest the logo will go with the text down the side.

    - or a bit smaller without the text

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    Which do you prefer?

    Please then let me know tshirt colour (check out the colours for the 2tone shirt at the link in the first post) and I'll see what colour logos look good on it.

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    The second. Is it possible to have it in one colour and not 2-tone?

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    Also prefer the smaller one. I'd still like two tone but obviously people might want a plain one too. Colours I'm interested in are white body and grey body for the two tone.

    I take it that wierd box on the images above is just cos they're screencaps from the page where you design the shirts?


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