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    If you wouldn't mind posting it to me charles that would be great. I'll get in touch with you shortly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 112 View Post
    Thanks for uploading the info on the hoodie, looks great, but i think you might have mistaken what i said about the additional NTSC-UK logo. I didn't mean on the side of the right arm, i mean on the back of the right shoulder

    Kinda like this:

    Oh and any chance of changing the colour of the logo and draw strings to white please?

    Other than that, i'm almost there with my purchase, Thanks Charlie Bear!

    Hi dude. I've updated that. I can't modify the draw strings though sorry. ?1.30 on ebay though

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    Thanks dude... Will get onto this in the weekend!


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    Shirts arrived today! Absolutely lovely.
    The BD shirt is perfect,

    I would have made NTSC and UK bolder to reduce white borders and smoothed everything, but it's all good

    (had the macro mounted on the camera and no other lens nearby, sorry for the close-ups only).

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    Phew! Are they in the right place on the breast? And what do you mean by "smoothed"?

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    They are. With smooth I meant not having sharp corners but rounded ones, especially on the U left side.
    In fact, I was rethinking about the smaller borders on the NTSC UK shirt, on shirts with a lower contrast the logo could end up almost invisible. In B&W smaller borders would have been better, but not so on let's say red and green combos.


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