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    Android Dev Thread

    Well I finally got around to installing Eclipse and the Android SDKs on my new computer under Ubuntu, just need to do the same under w7 now. Also signed up at MOTODEV so I could get the Motorola extra bits.

    I shall be learning from Android App Development for Dummies once again, with the Java desk reference at my side. Progress will be slow as I start my uni courses in the second week of May, and will be studying for them more as I need epic grades.

    Still, I have ideas to mess around with and a bit of free time here and there. Perhaps one day even developing a game worth playing.

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    6 years later and nothing done still! But starting another degree a few weeks after my original post didn't help.
    Now you can download the Android Studio for devving needs, and even Unity has a remote console you can use to push apps to your device.

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    You can do so through Visual Studio now too as Xamarin is part of it. I believe it's included in the free tier:


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