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    Setting up hi-fi speakers

    Just thought I'd see if anyone here can give me a general piece of advice with this.

    I have a Sony hifi running optical out of my TV, so I get decent quality stereo sound and better bass than with the TV speakers, though I sometimes have issues with mid-range sound which can affect speech in movies.

    Can anyone advise me how I can adjust this using the EQ? Like what's the most basic step for improving HiFi speaker sound?

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    Boost the midrange.

    Or, better

    Get an AV amp and a centre speaker. A 3 speaker system for TV and movies is remarkably effective. Subwoofer and rears are basically for effects of you think about it but that centre speaker is key to understanding wtf people are saying in modern audio mixes.

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    I’ve been through a setup like that in the past and you really need an amp to provide the punch for good sound quality; using a tv to a hifi is going to give you all sorts of inaccuracies from weak bass to muffled detail . Speech can get really get lost in a stereo signal, (which you are discovering), depending on how the source is encoded and the quality of your speakers. Have you considered even a basic 5.1 system? This will give you much better audio separation and a properly managed sound stage from the amp. Either that or a stereo amp with a set of really good quality speakers. Fiddling with the EQ will bastardise the sound even more, as the optimal setting is flat.

    You could try different audio settings on the tv to see if one gives a bit more clarity with vocals (clear voice etc), if you haven’t already done this, but it will probably make your voices sound like metal Mickey.

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    Is the SPDIF in the TV set to PCM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvdx2 View Post
    Is the SPDIF in the TV set to PCM?
    There isn't an option - but it's definitely outputting a digital signal as (weirdly) I've used the HiFi as throughput to record on Minidisc and the Minidisc records it as a digital source.


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