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    modified rgb scart cable for ntsc gamecube

    I have one of those modified cables for my ntsc gamecube and know the offical component lead for gamecube is quite rare now.

    I am wondering if i can turn it back into a component lead so i can use it on my hd box pro on a small pc monitor ?

    I'm hoping its quite easy to do myself or i will take it to a local electronics repair shop for them to solder the connectors on etc.

    that is if it was a component lead that was altered to make the cable in the first place ?

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    I did this myself recently and it went quite well. Had to take apart the casing of the plug that goes into the console to reverse the work that's done in there, then desoldered the wires from the scart connector and attached some the relevant plugs (I bought a regular component cable and cut in half so could join that cable to the cube cable).

    Can take some photos if you want to see.


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    It shouldn't be all that hard to do, i work near a maplins and could see what connectors they have.

    what did you have to do to the chip in the lead ?

    i cant think if there is a audio lead connected to the scart too as my gamecube is packed away at the moment, i would need to fit some red and white plugs for the audio.

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    Audio is taken care of by a standard composite lead connected to the analog port on the cube. The component lead doesn't handle audio at all.

    Depending on how it was modded, you may or may not have to tinker too much -

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    thanks for your link, looking at the pics of your cable i think it might be too much for me to do as i will need to resolder the leg on that chip to the board, remove the resistor and the black wire.

    this all depends as you say how it was modified. I cant get my cube out yet, i need to keep it packed away for a couple more weeks.

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    I'm pretty sure you can forget about the black wire actually. In fact, if your cable was made from a component cable then the black wire won't be there, it's only in those photos as that's the digital video cable.

    So you may just have to do the leg and the plugs.

    The one I converted was a digital video cable, but works fine converted into component.

    (a lot of what I've said is from memory from a good few years ago, but I'm pretty sure it's accurate)

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    Would you be interested in a straight trade? Be easier than what you are suggesting.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by J0e Musashi View Post
    Would you be interested in a straight trade? Be easier than what you are suggesting.
    Yes i would be interested in a swap for an official component cable.

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    Has anyone tried running Swiss on a modded US GC using the modded scart cable?

    I can't get the picture to sync with my setup (scrolling picture).


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