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    New this week for special events the Escha Dragons anyone can join in on, they're dropping sky and rej armours and weapons, best to get in and get some good weapons while it last until next sunday.

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    Will be on tonight, finally cleared WotG and now getting going with SoA...

    Need to do the trust fights for AA Ev and Gk

    Game for other stuff as well

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    Got aza to get access to Galka AA quest so we can have a crack at that next time we all online. Once you get alittle way into Adoulin quest line and access to deeper areas of Foret de Hennetiel we can exp like the old days.

    Other news Ultimate weapon number 5 is nearing completion (after Spharai, Masamune, Ochain, Aegis). Making the Armageddon, just 40 odd more dross to finish to 99 and then 2 more tiers of collecting riftboulders.

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    Right made more progress now, almost at the end of Chapter 2 of SoA - just need more fame to progress in the story. Almost at the dark god fight for RoV as well, so get that cleared soon.

    Opened the quest for AAEV as well though I hear the seal fights are on bonus payouts...

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    We'll have a crack at AAEV some night this week then.

    Did a bunch of the new ambu this month, got up to 5k points on saturday. Up against Adamantoise, pretty straight forward, smack turtle down melee style with DD (can can anyway with no support roles this time), every 25% hp it jumps into it shells and pops a lizard which need to be killed asap as it Adamantoise regen alot of HP, repeat till death. Tank, whm, DDx3 and then either DD or Support for 6th.

    The ambu reward set itself is a strange one, BLM/GEO/SCH based around magic acc and magic dmg(instead of magic att), and its alot of magic damage not found in those kind of high numbers on any other piece of equipment (it also comes with -elemental cast time and DMG reduction), this makes it super strong for T1-2 spells and SCH's helixs, where magic dmg > magic att.

    In other news GEO got the nerf with their magic eva/acc down and att/acc down bubbles meaning endgame strategies based around magic burst (up until now it mostly was) can no longer work without a 2nd support (rdm/brd/cor) to bridge the gap, however SE it nerf all ilvl mob combat skills so as a benefit of reducing natural magic att/acc on NM's their def and acc decreased to.

    Brd got a major boost (which with a 4 song, base +7 song, and merits) can get attack boost of 1700+.... ****ing insane what they've done, still not great for Mage parties so they won't dominate everything (thankfully, brd is boring as **** to play)

    And as for Omen changes aza, completing area 2 gives the option to open a special 3rd area with 30/40 mins timer, and 10 new objectives(with 600secs to complete them). Did solo on sam and walked away with 3 cards.
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    FFXI is entering its 15th year celebrations this month. Crazy.

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    Will be back on at some point, see they added some new missions etc

    Work just got really busy, been in and out of India.

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    Not much in new endgame content for the last 3 months, the combination of getting the new battle event ready and stormblood hitting for 14 has pushed it back from August to i hope September.. in the mean time it's been +2 upgrades for ambu gear (which is actually pretty damn good but you're still playing the same content), more Ark angel trusts and additions to Adoulin quest line which now give us a new whm trust in the form a leafkin.

    As of last patch they added nostalgia quests to RoE cal Vana'versary, so you get do things like get signet (quest is called "Signet, brb") or go make some Mythirl Sand in pal'borough mines, these net you ANV key to trade to the goblin which can get some decent 119 gear if your luckily, but it's mostly trash. The main reason to do it is to complete the 1st quest inthe menu which gets you a KI to hold on to, to eventually build an Omega mount.

    As far as what im up to, i finished Armageddon to 119+3 completing the gun and have now set about making a my 1st mythic which will be the Burtgang, 14k in alex to go.. it's a right grind but an easy one, and thankfully had over half way in point towards the eyepatch and necklace saving me a ton of time.

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    How much off all this can you do solo now?

    Guess its changed loads since I last played, I've no idea what level I even was maybe 80.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djtickle View Post
    How much off all this can you do solo now?

    Guess its changed loads since I last played, I've no idea what level I even was maybe 80.
    as far as REM's go, all of it is soloable, obviously having a ton of gil can skip you alot of the process as solo farmers pack the Ah with coinage and upgrades and alot of the annoying **** like voidwatch items and be gotten with ambu points which is the current endgame for the masses besides Omen and Escha HNM's.

    Again when they release new events they include easy modes so people can solo but it often better to team up to get more event points in much less time, ambu on very easy is 50 points and soloers only get 10 gallantry, Very difficult 1200 points, and 400 gallantry for 6 people.


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