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    I've been playing this:

    I get too carried away with trying to swipe them out of the air instead of just blocking them.

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    After a gap I managed another 2hrs of South Park: TFBW

    It's not as good as the first game, mostly through feeling like an expansion than a sequel but it is decent. I think the over familiarity between the two games is what's making it feel like hard work as it feels more like I'm replaying the game than experiencing it for the first time.

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    This week has been bland so mainly Street Fighter V in the evenings for some easy level ups and Fight Money.

    I've been poor with continuing the games I've started in the last couple of months so I might return and finish them so I can move on.

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    Any play this weekend will be going on Need for Speed: Payback

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    Metal Gear Solid 3.

    Whilst the opening part was like pulling teeth running around in that darn jungle with no radar and loads of micromangement once it kicked in it really is a heck of a lot of fun. I can see why people say its better than 2, a feat that less than a week ago I wouldn't have believed but now do.

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    Been playing the XBLA remake of Rocket Knight for the last hour, had to stop. Bland, bland, bland, might be slick n' all that but it doesn't feel like it used to, just generic and Euro, Climax really shaved the Konami out of this one.

    Also played a bit of Deadfall Adventures which was free on Gold a month or two back. Looks scratty but intriguing, the opening excavation site is quite atmospheric and I didn't know this had an FPS viewpoint, I was expecting an Uncharted clone.

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    Any suggestions for the best Pokémon for a 6 year old to play his first version of it. DS, please as we don't have a 3DS.

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    Apparently they are all good on DS but I've never played one.

    Been sticking a lot of my old downloaded 360 games onto the Xbone, stuff that won't fit on the crammed 360 HDD, currently having a quick blast on Dead Rising Case Zero, one of the two DR2 DLCs, really enjoying it, looks ace on the Xbone, too, really sharp and stable. Liking the BC, gonna do the Case West one as well, had these years but never got round to them.

    And DEFFO more Evil Within, later on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzFunk View Post
    And DEFFO more Evil Within, later on.
    Did you pick it up from GAME? I saw it in there yesterday for Ł4.99 new for the X-box One. Glad you're enjoying it anyway JazzFunk.

    I finished Shadow of the Colossus remaster today. Still an epic game but it looks nicer and flows better. I reckon this'll be gaming's Blade Runner with the amount of re-releases it'll get (imagine how great it'll look if it gets a PS5/PS6 release?)


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