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    I have a P900 given the sensor size it produces some pretty decent results. It cost me 450. The P1000 is 999 - that's a bit of a premium, so I doubt I'll be upgrading, even though it does now shoot raw.

    Great Tit by Marty Greenwell, on Flickr
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    Yes it is a good one Marty, I've seen lots of reviews of this and it gets really good ones, of course you get the forum experts on DP and NR going on about a small sensor, stupidly big lens, moan, moan but the results are really good and yours prove it.

    I've been using the daughters astro telescope with a T-mount on a Fuji S2Pro but a second hand P900 when the new one is launched (as loads will hit ebay) will do the trick.

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    And it's about a kilo heavier - it's definitely a bit of a beast. The price, the size and the weight are definitely big downsides for this one.


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