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    Only bits, so I need to rectify that, really.

    You pair recommended Gunship when I said I had gotten into Carpenter Brut.

    That boxset looks amazing though, without even listening to any songs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    Not right now but you’ve seen the stuff I did for them up to now, right? It has been a few things now. I wouldn’t be surprised if something brews in the future but no plans at the moment. But they have a load of stuff going on behind the scenes so I’d expect some cool stuff from them (I don’t know what’s coming so that’s not a knowing tease!).
    @Family Fry that set looks pretty sweet. I got the comparable set they put out for the first album and it was good.
    All of your stuff with Gunship has been amazing, I hope another colab will happen one day it’s a perfect match in my opinion.

    The NES cart hip flask is enough for me to pre-order, will probably go for it.
    I saw Kat Von D had tweeted a small teaser of her track, sounded good, I’m full 100% hyped for this new album.

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    Yeah you have some catching up to do, QC. You should really listen to the first album. Some stuff:

    But really check out the album and listen a few times. Also they have a great track on the Rise of the Synths soundtrack.

    Thanks @Family Fry really appreciate that!


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