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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzFunk View Post
    For the last three weeks, EVERY bus journey to work, I've managed to get Spotify free to play me 'Last Wave' by Fred Falke. Oh such a banger. Got lucky on the bus and also got 'Chicago' by the same guy. 1-2 knockout combo of house awesomeness.

    This shizz really perks me up and sets me up for the day ahead, I could listen to and have listened to 'Last Wave' a bizmillion times. What a choon. Grabs you like big, electric god hands from the clouds and shakes you 'til you spew fluorescent Zenny.
    It's a beast of a choon. First time I heard it was on an Annie Mac live set in Miami. The last few minutes are immense, too. Sounds just like summer should.

    Also, check out 808 PM At The Beach:

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    I've pretty much blasted everything on there, I adore that kind of house music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eastyy View Post
    Finally something new that sounds like classic rock and roll

    Quote Originally Posted by Zen Monkey View Post
    You might like that then

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    Still the greatest of all time. A snappy dresser too. Just one cool cat, really.

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    Ulver- The Assassination of Julius Caesar. A former Black Metal band from Norway make a Synth pop album with added production by Youth from Killing Joke. Best of this year for me so far. I booked tickets to see them playing this in Berlin in November.

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