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    The car thread 2.

    Old thread here:

    I'll get this new thread off to a start as i've just been shopping! With my job about to change a bit I needed something a bit more practical, so have decided to go back to Audi again and pick this up Thursday after the pre sale inspection and service is completed. It's going to be great to be behind the wheel of an RS4 again. Obviously when I said sensible, a 4.2 litre V8 might not make sense, but for me it's a step in the right direction!

    Merry Christmas to me!

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    Nice. That V8 makes lovely noises. Ride is a bit firm for my tastes. One of the lads at work has the same model and it is a right good laugh. And it's a bit of a Q car too the average punter wouldn't see it as anything other than a S-line model.

    Changing topic I have the vRS back on its winter wheels and it is making me think that I may ditch the 17's in the spring and go for a set of 15's and new Pilot Sports. The difference in ride quality between the 15" steelies and the 17" alloys is massive.
    Even on our VW estate dropping down to 16" steelies for the winter has improved the ride quality although not to the same extent as the vRS.

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    Going back to the RS4 from the 911 is a treat to be honest. I'd certainly be in no rush to buy a Porsche again, bit of an error on my part that one! The ride is firm on the Audi, but not harshly so in my opinion, and certainly no worse than any other high performance saloon.

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    They have a limiter fitted which restricts them to 155mph, but with it removed they've been recorded at 180mph, yes. (I won't be removing it!)
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    Yeah, where do you start tinkering with this though Van?

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    Hey you laugh now but wait till they charge you for the service It's far too clean as well, I could eat my dinner off that.

    That's a proper engine!

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    OOOOOFFF... Much prefer this over the Porka!!... the best colour as well


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