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    That's a nice car, Charles but it's two years older than my impreza that I'm driving now. I really want a new car.

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    The tablet installation is neater than the crummy singe DIN unit above it. But touch screens are rubbish on the move. It's comparatively difficult to hit a small UI element when you are subject to the motion of car and the road surface isn't perfectly smooth. I have touch screen units in both cars and I tend to use the physical controls on the unit where possible.

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    Not sure on the top gear thread status and such, but i just wanted to say,

    that as I grow older, the idea of spending 50...75....100k on a car, I find more and more against my liking, decency and sensibility.

    However....i really, really, want a lexus lfa more than i want working internal organs

    *edit* actually i could prob live without the car. I just wanted to be dramatic
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    CMcK, I think I just liked it because it looks like KITT's display!

    I agree about fancy cars being less appealing.

    It used to be miles per hour that was the best thing about a car, these days it's miles per gallon!

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    I have turned my commute to work into a game trying to constantly beat my MPG high score. It makes me feel that I have saved some fuel and subsequently I don't feel guilty about the times I am trashing the car purely for pleasure.

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    I don't see any issues with buying nice cars. When I move back home to Scotland later in the year and no longer have to worry about security or crappy London drivers, car shopping will be one of the first things i'll be doing (and that's without setting a price bracket for a change). There's still two cars I need to own before i'm 40.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikobo View Post
    There's still two cars I need to own before i'm 40.
    Cortina Crusader and a Vauxhall Chevette?

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    My brother had a cortina crusader, the recaro interior was awesome!

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    Had my S4 for a couple of years, want to change it now was thinking the new Audi RS7... What do you lot think??


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