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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    I was just teasing.

    We'll be chopping and changing all of our cars soon (my wife and I) and it started today. Took a Golf R out again and once I got my head around how to drive it better I was more won over. Enough to buy one anyway, pick it up next weekend.
    Nice choice, looks like one of the best all round cars on the road at the moment.

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    Before with stock alloys.
    Untitled by bigfishbowlhead, on Flickr

    After with new oz superturismo's
    Untitled by bigfishbowlhead, on Flickr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Is that what you bought Brad, the AMG?
    Sticking with the c class for now. Long term plans meant switching wasn't sensible. I would have the golf r over the AMG though, in practical terms. The AMG is a bit more thrilling but it's way expensive as someone on here commented when I looked at it.

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    Thanks really pleased with them now their on, a real bargain .

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    Make sure you regularly (gently) spray out the gaps between the bumpers and the front and rear side panels. There are little rubber grommets which move around and eventually wear through the paint. Dirt helps the grinding process.


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