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    JXD Android handhelds?

    Howdy y'all,

    thinking of picking up a new handheld since I travel a fair amount now and stumbled across the JXD range.

    I did a search and saw Davek22's posting, but I wondered if anyone else/any more forumites had since picked one up?

    I'm pretty familiar with Android devices and have a rooted SII, as such I was wondering if these come pre-rooted? I was also looking at XDS5110 as it is a little over sixty notes on Amazon, although I wonder if someone might pipe in with a suggestion of the best version as there seems to a be a ton of model variations!

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    Had a JXD S7100 ... wouldn't bother again tbh ... the main issue being support from the parent company or rather lack of it. Its ok if you have an active rom development community, however these devices never get that.

    Annoying because in all honesty the JXD S7300 looks like a safer bet to the Archos Gamepad at the moment if you are looking for that sort of device.

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    Yep agree with lack of support on the JXD. It was meant to get ICS but never did.

    i was asked about the Archos Gamepad which I have and was talking about the battery life. It's the only real problem I have with it now that Archos updated the firmware.

    anyone interested in android handhelds should check out this forum:

    the first pre orders for the jxd s7300 are going out now so there will be impressions on there soon. It looks like there is major concern the sticks on the s7300 are not actually analogue. If this turns out to be true then the Archos will keep its crown as best device, even with its crippled battery

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    I found the battery fairly decent on my gamepad, though I only had wifi on when required.

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    The other problem I had with the JXD was that the GPU's refresh was lock to something like 61.9hz which meant any half decent emulator would stutter like mad, making it pointless. I use Robert Broglia's emus btw (md.emu etc).

    In fact that is a massive headache for anyone wanting to use Android for emulation in general, I tried an MK808 usb stick, thinking I could plug it into the TV and play some roms on it, but again the same issue, and as the refresh rate is hardcoded in to the video driver its not an easy fix. Suffice to say the MK808 got sent back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikobo View Post
    I found the battery fairly decent on my gamepad, though I only had wifi on when required.
    I think Archos put WiFi disable in new firmware when its in sleep cos mine doesn't drain as much overnight now. I will do some game testing with wifi off though, good tip thanks

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    Some news on the JXDS7300. It's been confirmed over at dingoonity that the sticks are analogue. This is very good news. Battery is 4000mah and tested at 3-4 hours which is not bad. I ordered one from ebay this morning. Black and white models both on there for 94 delivered if anyone interested. I will post a review when mine arrives and compare to the Archos

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    How do the specs of the JXDS7300 Dual Core compare with the Archos Gamepad? Would be important in terms of the future longevity of the device.

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    S7300 looks like a nice unit Dave, you must own a shedload of these things now though!

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    yeah I do Ikobo. I really should have a clear out at some point. Totally addicted to handhelds though, even more so recently cos I don't get much chance to fire up my home consoles

    Jake the Archos is more powerful technically. It's got quad core Mali gfx whereas the JXD has only dual core. Physically though the JXD has 4 shoulder buttons so is more flexible for emulation


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