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Thread: Zaki Matar

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    Payment sent in cash, arrived quickly, no hassles, perfect transaction...

    Thanks mate

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    my 1st time dealing with Zaki and it was as smooth as butter,fast and friendly comms,quick payment,a total pleasure.Utterly recommended.
    Ta famitsu1

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    Bought a gba game from Zaki, arrived quickly in top condition.


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    brought a game off me

    cash payment
    ariived exactly when described

    top trader

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    Sold 3 Games to Zaki, and was in quick reciept of payment cheers mate ^_^

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    Intense sunday night negotiations led to a good sale.

    Very swift payer and friendly.

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    As always super fast payment and friendly communication.

    Top stuff.

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    Great to deal with, and paid in good time.

    Cheers mate

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    top stuff

    bought from him in the past and its always sweet, but he is just as excellent as a buyer as he is as a seller

    excellent board member

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    A top notch buyer. Sent cash quickly, and a real pleasure to deal with.
    Many thanks m8


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