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Thread: PS4 best price

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    As long as your stamps have an always on internet connection.

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    I would be wary about putting large sums down in one place months before the item is due for release, especially as theirs no benefit to doing this with Shopto. You would do better sticking money aside in a savings account. if somewhere as big as Game can run into trouble, I'm sure shopto could just as easily disappear

    infact it gets worse you forfit your reward points by using these

    "ShopTo Membership Points cannot be used to purchase top up cards and no Membership Points are earned with the purchase or them"
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    Nice little scheme by Shopto to earn themselves some extra cash. Why on earth would you pay for something months in advance? All you're doing is handing the interest over to them. You also have no real guarantee in the unlikely situation that they go bust before PS4 releases.

    I would sooner put my money in a shoebox under my bed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shopto
    you could take advantage of our new Top Up cards and start buying them now as that's the same as putting money away but at least you know it's safe in your Shopto account
    Where could be safer than your Shopto account? Maybe I'll convert all my wages.

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    I'd very cautious of this sort of thing too, particularly with the amount you'd need for a console and how long it is until launch but I there may be people who want to do it this way for whatever reason.

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    Maybe not the best price but have just seen Zavvi still have PS4 Killzone bundles release day delivery.

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    Zavvi have stock of the Killzone bundle back it (or so it seems):

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    Is this still the best deal for a PS4

    Considering it comes with an Extra Controller & the camera

    My brother is looking for one at the mo & I saw that Shopto still have it in stock

    Fifa pack with an extra controller from them is ?440 for comparison's sake

    If not where else should he be looking?



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    Best bang for the buck if he needs all the extra stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    Best bang for the buck if he needs all the extra stuff!
    Thanks Brad.
    Doubt the Camera is really needed but seems daft to pay that much for other packs & not get it.

    Will let him know


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    As Brad says, if he wants the camera and extra controller yes.

    Or best deal for a new PS4 at moment is probably PS4 + Knack for ?329 delivered here if wants just the console really

    EDIT, was a bit slow typing that up, food took priority!


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