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    I'm nuts. I'm watching the vid now getting major league deja vu and I realised I got so twazzered last night I'd already bloody watched it in the wee small hours!

    Great vid mate, two watches now, SNES version looked a really good port and god love that vintage Midway character and colour use in the cutscenes bits, how glorious to behold, like Verhoeven crossed with Spitting Image and so damn VIVID!!!!!!!!!!

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    Oh man, Verhoeven crossed with Spitting Image. Now that is an image I will not forget anytime soon.
    I'll be getting pretty wasted tonight too hope I can remember the SFC mini Pre-orders.

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    Loved this game and to me, the ZX version was the best and my Fav. Have so many happy memories of me and my friends playing this for hours on end after junior school. Fab game, ace conversion and so many happy memories of sleepovers a friends house playing Zx Spectrum and Master system games back in the day

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    Loved the Speccy one with its neat, nimble feel, was never a fan of the ultrablobby C64 version. Luckily I've got Tecmo Arcade Classics on the OG Xbox and it also plays sound on the 360.

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    There's a remix version of Bombjack coming, like how Commando and Ghosts 'n Goblins were revamped, so hopefully that will be a lot closer to the arcade original.

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    I remember loving the arcade version back in the day. Then enjoying the Amstrad port. I'm sure that the Amiga port could have been perfect if the developer had been more skilled.


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