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    Boa are a fantastic band!

    Jasmine has a beautiful voice. I have their albums Twilight (duvet is on that) and Get There.

    It's a shame their output hasn't been more prolific.

    Anime wise - I've been toying with subscribing to CrunchyRoll again. A few years back I was heavily into the fansub / torrent scene but I can't be bothered with that anymore.

    I've got plenty of old stuff to watch before even considering new but is it worth a CR sub?

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    CR is a great service. I've gone back to the grey side of things though.

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    I still pay for CR(5 a month) but still use BT over it aside from slowly watching Gintama and getting a few manga they recently got like Grand Blue... but with netflix paying for their own shows recently you won't get everything (Relife, Violet EverGarden, Devilman to name a recent few), and i think they still don't have One Piece which isn't a problem as the anime be rubbish for years now.

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    Small update on what i've watching.

    More 3-gatsu no Lion, it had taken break around ep37 over Jan/Feb and now it's back with a fantastic little arc for the old timer, that somehow betters Hina bullying stuff which i didn't think they could top. Yet again they take a side character, and give us their motivations and a little backstory pinning up the brilliant art direction and animation which really gives VEG and Slow Start, two very impressive shows on the animation techniques and art front this season a run for their money.

    AICO, 1-12eps - a netflix funded show and another one where they dump the entire season in one go... not sure i'm a fan of that as you don't many talking about show if comes and goes without that weeks wait in between. Nice little modern day sci-fi show about a team of divers (power suited treasure hunters) tasked with escorting an person to deepest and most dangerous place in the "blast zone" where divers go to hunt lost technology in amongst some living biohzard/cancer like mutations. It's a decent adventure which keeps you on your toes with who lives or dies, and enough mystery around the plot to keep you coming back for more, although the first twist is pretty predictable they keep the others secrets well hidden.

    Apart from that Sora yori mo Tooi Basho is still my favorite from this season, followed by yuru camp, VEG, PopTeam and Slow Start.


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