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    Thought I'd ask here in case anyone has some idea - does anyone have an uncut version of the English dub of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie?

    I recently got around to watching the DVD version I had sitting on my shelf, and was stunned to discover that it's different to the VHS version I had in the 90s. The dialogue is different, and there are some clumsy edits to the video. In particular it ruins some of the beats of the Chun-Li/Vega fight, which is probably the best part of the movie!

    The strange thing is that it keeps all the Chun Li nudity in the shower scene, but then tones down the naughty words in the dialogue. It's bizarre. Then, the instant Vega appears and that KMDFM Ultra song starts up there's a really clumsy edit which ruins the start of the scene!

    I don't normally download stuff on the yarr, but as I've bought the movie I thought I'd look into this, and I've now seen a bunch of versions with different content. It's weird, because the VHS version I had in the 90s definitely had less Chun-Li nudity, but had more profanity in the dialogue. Evidently multiple versions of the movie exist.

    Apparently a US company called Discotek did a full uncut version, and I've emailed them to find out where I can buy that DVD, but still - anyone else looked into this?

    Quote Originally Posted by _SD_ View Post
    I really wish they’d do some sort of deluxe Blu-ray release like this for all of the Patlabor TV and OAVs...
    Quote Originally Posted by Team Andromeda View Post
    Me too, though I still happy that I picked up the rather brilliant CE of the Patlabor films back in the day
    Actually I know something about this; I asked a distributor at an anime con who said they had performed due diligence on it as a project - apparently there can't be a BD of Patlabor 1 & 2 for a couple of reasons.

    Firstly, the movies were made on a stock which means a BD wouldn't look much better than the original, or so they said.

    Secondly, the English dub is recorded to a standard that wouldn't sound much better on a BD. Some might not care about this, but obviously this is important to the distributors who might make the BD, as it being sub-only cuts into potential profits as those movies exist from an era when people were probably more likely to watch dubbed anime. I generally prefer subbed but I usually watch Patlabor dubbed, because that's how I first came into contact with it on Manga Video.

    They said that someone may in the future do a BD version, and it will look a bit better than DVD, but not enough to really justify the time/expense from their perspective.

    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    I got the UK versions of Initial D Legend 1 and 2 on blu ray recently.
    Oh? What are these? I wasn't aware of them. I've seen the whole show up until the last stage; are these new?

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    They are reinvisioned versions of the first stage

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    All of Patlabor is available on Blu-ray as American Region A. It’s just the four TV series sets alone on import cost a fortune... and I found the movies a bit slow to be honest. All that’s officially available over here seems to be the first 7 episode OAV series.

    I’d love a high quality box set with the first 7 OAVs, the 47 TV episodes and the 16 episode New Files OAV.

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    The last of springs shows are now finished, so a round up of what i watched.

    Sword Art Online - GGO Alt - 12eps, spinoff with its own cast playing gun gale online which featured for a while in the mainline show. Follows girl with height issues(being tall) getting to play a shortarse loli which spec'd out for speed, competing in a Squad jam (squad battle royal). Good fun with some decent gun fights, brains and dirty tactics being used so it's not all about broken characters, and surprisingly it's funny. Definitely worth a shot.

    Darling in the Franxx - 24eps - trigger mecha action, humanities living in moving cities after messing up the planet and having to fight off monsters using expendable teen pilots. Story follows a squad given more freedom in their downtime as an experiment to see if it produces stronger pilots, which starts to go awry with the introduction of a half breed human/monster as a pilot. Starts off slow with small beginnings as all triggers mecha shows to, and they plant the seeds for things being "off" about this war, but sadly it does take the best part of 18eps to get to the point by which time you've already guessed most of what's going, aside the ending which does go full Gunbuster... including the epilogue which felt like a homage to (including EVA/macross), though the slownless helps by letting the characters grow so it meant alot more to me when i did get to the ending. Animation is average, occasionally peaking for the bigger fights and the Art does feel like they've built from previous works without changing much (Gunbuster2 and TTGL come to mind the most). Thumbs up, enjoyed the story, liked the characters growing up and the ending is pretty great to.

    Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii - 11eps - fun relationship comedy/drama about working adults hiding/releasing their powerlevels, lots product placement instead of fake shows/games/manga used which is unusual so it's fun to see them messing around in mario kart or monster hunter.

    Hinamatsuri - 12eps - comedy around a weapons grade psychic girls ending up in japan after a few mishaps, the main girl Hina ends up with living with a Yakuza, who has to put up with her selfish and lazy ways. Most of the laughs for me came from the secondary and quite heavily featured Hitomi, normal girl always in the wrong place at the wrong time ending up in all types of strange situations, worth watching for her, great straight man role.

    Golden Kamuy - 11eps - set just after the russo-japanese war early 1900's, following japanese soldier looking for a mountain of hidden gold with a map to it tattoo'd on to the back of 50 odd escaped prisoners. Really good show and pretty violent to, only knock against it is the low budget so alot of the unimportant scenes look crap and it clearly an advertisement for the manga so i can only hope we get another season or 4 with where they stop on ep11.

    Hisone to Masotan - 12eps - japans hides dragons as planes and trains compatiable pilots (seemingly socially broken people) to fly from inside the dragons stomach. Fun and charming show with some likeable characters(especially the MC girl) and story that actually goes places.

    Megalo Box ending up being really disappointing, Legend of Galactic heroes is pretty niche but i really like space/war operas, Uma Musume is a silly but fun Sports show, Full Metal Panic IV is very serious and full of death, My hero Academy had a fantastic ending arc to the introduction of All for one.
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    Darling in the Franxx sounds interesting... and it’s on Crunchyroll too, might have to give it a go.

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    Burned through most of my show backlogs sadly shokugeki no souma has finished again so the painful wait begins till the next season. Onepiece is as fab as ever & i have no idea how it's going to turn out on these next few episodes as Luffy is grossly underpowered against big mom although next weeks teaser has Nami actually looking like she might be useful for a change.

    My current pleasure is a horriblesubs took on gegege no kitarou one of my 5 most loved anime i'm hoping they see it through right to the end as annoying as hell in the past that groups took it up released a handful of episodes then just died on it's arse especially insulting when you see some of the absolute crap that somehow gets dedicated full on fansub treatment.

    While i have watched the 90's & 00's series i was left to do so with no subtitle help so it's been extremely hard going, pleased i can watch this new one with minimal language struggle this time. The new series has updated quite a few things, the artstyle has been upgraded again & battle scenes been wonderfully flashy. A lot more technology on display too as it is after all meant to be daily japanese life nothing like that in the older ones as they are products of the decades they are released in. Useful for learning about youkai if anyone has any intrest in japanese mythology. This weeks was a good one, wearing faces of dead people was wonderfully creepy.

    The only fansub giant that i dream of one day getting a proper sub treatment is doraemon, while the plots are very simplistic the inventiveness easily rivals anything out there although some of doraemons gadgets are so powerful that they do border on been almost magic sometimes. Uso 800 potion been one of them, a potion that makes come true the opposite of what you say. I can't really see the mirai department store just selling this for millions of people to be out daily bending reality as it grants their wishes lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    They are reinvisioned versions of the first stage
    Which is a crimeb because the CG in First Stage is top notch!

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    Starting to get stuff ready for an anime con weekend and trying to shift a load of stuff at the bring and buy.

    Saying goodbye to my rather large Fruits basket complete manga which makes me sad but it just takes up too much room.
    I really did not like the art work in the first few volumes but I had so many people online tell me the story was decent and the artwork was better and I am glad I stuck with it! It was in its first 10 volumes when I started to read it and I got each one as it was released throughout uni and afterwards.

    I just don't have the room for all my manga so these cons are excellent places to sell and get into new manga so great and dangerous.
    I have asked for a reasonable price but not so low that I really just want to get rid of it (Love Hina has gone to alot of cons and I really cant be arsed to have it in the house anymore so its going cheap).

    Looking forward to the next volume of In/Spectre that comes out next month and whatever I get into after the con!


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