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Thread: Bug Reports

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    Browsing on iPad, there are problems with threads with a large number of embedded YouTube videos.

    I can never view the 'what are you listening to' thread, nor the current 'great TV openers' thread (currently at 27 posts) because everyone has posted YouTube examples instead of using their words. The iPad will start to load, then report "a problem occurred with this thread so it was reloaded" and enter an endless loop of loading/crashing/reloading.

    I have my post limit set to 50 per page, so I know I could probably fix the problem by changing my settings, but as iPads are standard hardware I figured you should be made aware.

    As a general courtesy thing it would be nice if YouTube vids and pictures were always enclosed in spoiler drop downs, but that's on the poster's side and can't be expected.

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    Yeah same problem here. Safari just gives up due to the scripts in the embeds. Everything else soldiers on till it eventually loads, even on my mobile. I will put a note on the thread

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    Just curious, is it still an issue if the videos are in the HIDE tags?
    Shall we try it on the TV Themes thread to test, @charlesr?

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    Yeah, I tried it on page one of that thread. In 50 posts mode, it takes 14 seconds to load on my PC and an age on my phone. Safari on the iPad just gives up (lame).

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    How does it run now you've hidden the videos?

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    That's what I meant - after hiding it, it made no difference.

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    Ah right, okay. That's a shame.
    I've hidden stuff before and found it easier to navigate.
    It was worth a try.

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    What iPads are you guys on? I haven't had a problem at all. Not saying we should go ahead and post them because Dogg's alright and has no problem... just curious about which iPads are struggling.

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    50ppp seems pretty unnecessary when this forum probably only has fifty posts a day across the entire thing. Switching down to 20ppp won't affect your general reading experience a great deal I wouldn't have thought.

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    I'm on an iPad mini (1?)

    Was I was a bit hasty with requesting links instead of embeds in the music thread? On my iPad, the forum default of 10 posts per page works fine. It's only when you move away from forum default that Safari goes lame and falls over.

    edit: @toythatkills I tried changing to 20 posts and the music thread still falls over on my iPad mini in safari. I tried Chrome too on the iPad. Chrome is soooooo much faster for normal browsing, but it still falls over on the multiple youtube embed pages, so it must be a device thing.
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