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    Liverpool FC 2013/14 season

    Quote Originally Posted by Kit View Post
    I live between liverpool and manchester. So a good place hopefully. If they end up playing in the south I can always stop at peterborough overnight - god imagine how fortunate I'd be if they played, to see the two titans of football collide; the mighty posh and liverpool in the palace that is london road.

    Fingers crossed eh. ;p
    I only manage to get to about a handful of games myself a season and found the official LFC membership to be handy with its priority ticket window for members. All done online.
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    We are still no no were clinical enough, and while the movement between Coutinho and Sturridge looks promising, our front line (without Suarez) is Europa league at best. I really hope we stump the cash and bring in Willian.

    Also, at the back we seem to get bullied a bit too much, I would love us to pick up a beast of a defender or dm but its probably not going to happen this window (what happened to our link with Shalke's highly rate Greek defender?).

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    Don't forget that Stoke's backline and everywhere else on the pitch actually are big manly grocs

    Willian would be awesome, but competition from Spurs too I think.

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    Yeah, and Man City it seems. Problem is, this should have been addressed way earlier in the summer. We knew with our without Suarez that we needed to improve our frontline with real quality and have not done so. I hope that we don't have a repeat of last summer, when we were left empty handed after transfer deadline, especially considering how many players we have sold (admittedly deadwood).

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    I think quite a few PL teams are still looking for a decent striker, so prices will be high and it will be tough to get the right person at the right price.

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    Well that was a bit of a scare against Notts County and Toure is a huge blow. Incredibly frustrating that we couldn't dispatch County in 90 minutes, I just hope that we aren't hampered by fatigue on Sunday.

    In other news it seems that Victor Moses was spotted in the crowd along with his uncle.

    While a good squad player, I really hope this isn't the "marque" signing FSG have been harping on about.

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    Can't see there being a "marquee" signing. Think if we can get a centre back, possibly a winger and keeping Suarez will do us.

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    Should be a good game on Sunday, then following that, dare I say it, we have a lot of the lower teams through all of Sept and Oct.
    Really need some good points from those games.

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    I hope Mig does well for you chaps - he's a decent keeper. Iffy on crosses, but a good stopper, and kept us up last year.

    Hoping Henderson starts to stamp his authority on games this year, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoolak View Post
    Can't see there being a "marquee" signing. Think if we can get a centre back, possibly a winger and keeping Suarez will do us.

    Think we really need cover for Lucas at defensive midfield as well.


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