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    Quote Originally Posted by tokyochojin View Post
    Gareth Barry wouldn't be bad cover on loan.
    He'd surely want first-team football at this stage of his career, no?

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    I think he would get more game time with us than his current club mind.

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    Come on Liverpool be at your best at Anfield and do the honourable thing and win 3-0

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    Pretty good start eh? best since 1994?

    Sturridge is just going from strength to strength. Playing some alright football.

    Agree with Rodgers though, Don't get carried away.

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    Great to see Sturridge doing well. Pity he is now 'injured'.

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    Good result this afternoon. Was really impressed with our defence today. Getting back in numbers when being countered and quickly turning into attack again. It really riled them didn't it?

    Hopefully, Sturridge will be back in time after stupid international break.

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    Hate having an international break after three matches, so annoying having the league stop after it's barely even had a chance to get going.

    Although, for you, at least you get a guaranteed two weeks to bask in the glory of being top of the league

    Very impressed with Liverpool today, top notch start to the season.

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    Yeah, but international break is still stupid. Great start for us, but a long way to go. Really happy we looked to have add a lot more depth to our squad with Sahko, Ilori and Moses poised to be unveiled.

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    Don't think Liverpool have to worry about the top 4 teams, as they always have a pretty decent record against the big 4. But its the smaller clubs on a dark and rainy winter night which usually Liverpool put in their worse performances against the likes of west ham or norwich and like.


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