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    I agree with both of those last posts, believe it or not.

    Half a year localisation delay thus far, closer to a year when it's finally out, no Euro date still and a strong similarity to its predecessor, despite being current-gen only.

    Iron Rain is supposed to be out in 2018 too, so they need to think about scheduling a bit better. If it's on-track, IR will be coming out around the same time as EDF5 over here.

    I have some Iron Rain updates, so I'll put that there.

    EDF 2025 is still in my top 10 ever, so I'm hoping EDF5 will be fun and has a good online community.

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    Official US release confirmation!! Or not...? Info in this link seems quite flimsy. I think they may have misconstrued the translation info that QC sleuthed a while back. What say you, fellas?

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    This official video says "Summer 2018", so I think it's still coming.


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