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    Single player didn't have the weapon restrictions of co-op, which aided solo progress, but totally agree that the game's structure is co-op biased.

    Trying to take out UFOs with the Air Raider's arsenal that is primarily geared to aid others is nigh on impossible and you need a second pad with a Wing Diver to carry him through.

    It never really bothered me as I played co-op from the start and everyone I played with online was sound and I'd play with UK peeps at the start of the night, then with Americans when I really should have been asleep.

    I'm not going to force you, ampanman, but you really should try it with us for a bit before writing it off.
    The Comms wheel means you don't even need a mic, but it does help with planning attacks.

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    Tokyo Game Show 2017 trailer:

    Also new release date in Japan:
    7th December!


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