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    Thanks @KusoGaki!

    I spent far too long watching those vids instead of going to bed!

    I watched the ones for The End of the Hulk and Punisher. I need to re-read those.

    Ironically, I still have no idea who Jessica Jones is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    Being the grammar police is addicting.
    My eye just twitched. Good work.

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    Someone turn on a light. What does a lightbulb cost these days? How poor are these people?!

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    This looks to be in the same vein as Daredevil in terms of approach, so whilst I don't have that much interest in the character I'm sure she'll be handled really well and the villan looks immense. Not a major fan of Tennant but he's well suited to play the purple man. Dare I say this will be even darker in tone than Daredevil?

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    Watched the first two last night.

    Slow burner. Moody. I like.

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    Yeah very different from all the other stuff. Much more overarching plot driven rather than individual episodes. Nice change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    Is it better than Daredevil?
    I liked Daredevil but I feel this could be better.


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