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Thread: Venom

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    Also in the works is this spin-off of the TAS series to build on the Spiderman Cinematic Universe

    The film, as title suggests, will focus on anti-hero Venom
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    Sony really don't want to lose those rights to Marvel, do they?

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    It's a shame in a way as there's now zero chance of all Marvel series together. Between Sony and Fox the rights are tied up for a bare minimum of 15 years

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    Sony are doing an awesome job of killing any and all interest I ever had in the spidey verse.

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    I've always preferred venom to Spider-Man being honest so optimistic about his appearance this time

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    Venom needs quite a bit of build up regarding back story, This was the problem with Spiderman 3 they really tried to shoe horn it in and it flopped big time. Topher Grace should've featured partially in 3, turn into Venom in the end and been the big bad in a Riami/Maguire 4th movie but ah well.

    I really hope they go for 616 Eddie Brock Venom and not Flash Thompson Venom or Ultimate Venom.

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    Talk about Spiderman popping up in the spin-offs as well as fairly pointless chatter about a link up with the Marvel Universe which looks to be off the cards and happily to for me as the window to do that has passed in my eyes

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    I quite like the look of Amazing Spiderman. Nice and bold, bright and comic booky. As it should be. Venom is very 90s to be, for some reason. Probably McFarlane.

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    Minor updates but some key nudging and winking that Venom's enemy in this will be Carnage


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