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    I don't think DS showed you a comparison, just blue text to show improvement. Always had to go into items screen. Annoying it is. But the DS way?

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    If this game has technical problems, I invoke the nakamura-patented 5/10 limitation threshold.

    Dark Souls never hooked me in past the back-breaking demands of its difficulty level from the off. I just didn't have the time to get sucked in. Does this have a gentler introduction?

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    I am hoping beyond all hope that the reason Miyazaki didn't produce or direct Dark Souls 2 is because Sony have got him working on Demon's Souls 2 for PS4.

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    You're probably right, Hoolak. On the whole the UI is excellent though - best in the series.

    Maybe so Prinners, and tbh I've found EDF2025 to be more impressive graphically and I'm not even being sarky for once. If you divert your eye from the spectacular bits the devs want you to go wow over and gaze elsewhere you could swear you were transported to the battlefields of PS1 Hogs of War (

    check Forest of Giants and climb up the first tower/rotunda you come across and look inland from the top - strewth!


    Still, it's Souls...back to adventure.
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    Any word on my server query above? is it P2P again?

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    Don't know- the message yesterday just said 'couldn't connect to server' or something similar. In the options you can also choose to accept or refuse players from outside your region, so maybe yes?

    Played a good couple of hours more last night and did manage to get online that time, though a message flashed up saying they were having problems connecting to Xbox Live (which wasn't quite right- it just wasn't connecting to their servers). About half an hour in, the connection dropped. Was quite amusing seeing people die by rolling into the big well at Majula for no apparent reason though.

    Golgo mentions above that DS2 has lost most of the previous game's grim and oppressive atmosphere. I take the point - it's a lot lighter from the off - but so far I've found it's still got a very imposing atmosphere. The sense of loneliness is much more acute here, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golgo View Post
    I agree with S3M, the lighting is way off. Not helped by some garish art design in terms of colour clash, plus more expansive vistas which really expose the flaws. It looks low res, flat and washed out in parts. Others are stunning to see though. Very uneven. Gameplay wise it's as it was but it's not gripping me as before as overall it seems to have lost much of it's grim, oppressive, nervy atmosphere, which isn't helped in that you can barely turn a corner without tripping over another bonfire/safe haven (mind you I'm only about 4 hours in, and this may be intended to help new Souls players get to grips with it all). Something that's really bugging me, though: when you go to buy weapons/armour from a merchant it doesn't show you how the item will alter your stats. At least, I'll be damned if I can find it. Anyone know? If not, does it mean you've got to buy items blind, in the hope they might improve your stats?! Voice acting is really good, sounds like they got some of the old Demons cast in! Enemy ragdoll physics is also better - dead ones don't get tangled around your legs like big water balloons anymore. Started as cleric class for a change, god knows why, maybe because of the flashy robes. Are clerics any good? Might start over if not.
    Great minds think a like as they say, the merchant and item box not showing equipment stats is really annoying me to. The Estus Flask has also been heavily nerfed now with it only starting with one use, extras Estus Flask shards only give you one extra drink and mine is currently only at four.

    Have defeated the first boss now and that was good fun and the first decent fight in the game and have already found the second boss, the key the first boss gives you, opens up lots of doors in the fort. I also forgot to mention each time you die as a hollow your health reduces a bit more than the last time and you have to return to a human to fully restore your health, it seems to drop to half health at worse which is what I'm currently stuck at.

    The starting area is much easier but all the gameplay tweak do make it harder, unless you've stock up on lifestones.

    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    If this game has technical problems, I invoke the nakamura-patented 5/10 limitation threshold.

    Dark Souls never hooked me in past the back-breaking demands of its difficulty level from the off. I just didn't have the time to get sucked in. Does this have a gentler introduction?
    Yes it does but then the difficulty seems to ramp up, I've already died about 50 times exploring and I highly suspect if you didn't enjoy the first one you won't enjoy the second. In all honesty when did you play the first game? As it was heavily patch nerfed by the end and was a lot easiler.

    As if you played it pre-patch then give it another shot, if you played it after the patches then avoid this one.
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    It's starting to get under my skin now and I'm really enjoying it, even with my fairy cleric, but I've got him two-handing his mace for now so we're getting by. (

    Much enjoyed luring that turtle monster thing to the ballista room and letting him have it with them

    ). Still not very far in and haven't even found the first boss, but the thrill of exploration is all present and correct. On the subject of lighting again, the places do look properly amazing when you've lit torches here and there, and I'm sure there's some ulterior story purpose behind it all as S3M hinted...Online seems to be working fine now on PS3 (hints everywhere) but I haven't been invaded so far and I'm not 'allowed' to invade others. I mentioned it before but the script and voice acting for NPCs is top notch. Some strong regional accents like in Demons Souls, unlike the rather genteel cut-glass Englishers in Dark Souls, which I think is cool anyway.

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    How easy/hard to get some co-op going now? Still need to mess about with stones?

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    Haven't seen any sign of that at all yet, Hoolak. You don't need a stone anymore to do online stuff like writing on the ground, so maybe not...But if anyone wanted to avoid coop, though, and go for the solo route

    there appears to be a special hardnuts covenant for this on sea cliffs just above Majula

    . I think this is the one mentioned in the instruction booklet and works as the equivalent of an extra-hard setting.


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