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    Just got rushed and killed by

    three tiny piglets behind the manor house in Majula, chased me all over the village

    ! Couldn't fight for laughing at them, but they were well 'ard fair play. Beware.

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    Anyone know anything about the contents of the black armour edition on ps3?

    I've had mine through from amazon sealed, and sealed inside with the game is what seems to be a metal plate that says "Dark Souls 2 limited edition number 617 of 2500" and signed by Yui Tanimura.

    The back of the box or the listing anywhere don't mention this as an extra, and can't see mention of it anywhere so I don't want to open it!

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    I'm getting fed up with the cleric, tbh. Everything - weapon or armour - I pick up or buy I get "he's not able to wield this effectively" kind of thing. I can't have wrecked/mis-levelled the build already as I haven't even had a chance to level him up yet! It seems he begins the game without being able to do anything. Can just about manage to swing a small mace with two hands, sometimes without even falling over through the weight of it! Is very good at healing himself after failing combat pathetically, though.

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    so any class recommendations so far? and how much does the disconnected world design (no connections between maps/levels) affect the atmosphere and feeling of the game?

    i am still waiting for my collector's edition. anyone else got it already and can report about the quality of the figurine?

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    ^ The world is completely seamless and connected. It's not like Demons' Souls.
    Last edited by Golgo; 14-03-2014 at 07:02 PM.

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    Don't feel like I'm getting anywhere, any tips on the orge things with the tails and how to kill them

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    Only thing I have a problem with is the weapons breaking. I can handle the reduced health on dying, but when your weapon breaks so often, and there aren't that many to pick up, it starts to impede progress.


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