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    You have to beat all of the DLC areas, then beat Vendrick. Any of the four crowns will grant you immortality.

    That's Sir Alonne. He's gonna **** you up like you've never been ****ed up before. You need the Ashen Mist Heart to get in there. Good luck with getting that.

    BTW, make sure you have four Smelter Wedges on you at all times. Do not use them up under four. Otherwise you're going to face the most difficult video game boss of all time.
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    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    So the DLC was finally cheap on PS3 last week and I decided to replay the whole game as my old save is on my old PS3 hard drive. Thankfully it seems the patches did a number on the balancing of the game as it's much much fairer on close combat players now. Weapons actually do decent damage to the enemies and break poise.

    The halberd in the original version was slow, weak and didn't break poise easily, now it does and plays just like how it did in the first game. It's a big improvement and I'm enjoying it a lot more second time around as the combat actually works, just a shame it took From Software over a year to get there act together, lighting has also been improved in a few areas in the PS3 version. Bosses are also far weaker and I've killed nine so far almost all of them without dying, bar a few silly mistakes.

    It's still not perfect but it's much fairer now in quite a few places and feels like at least someone from the DS1 team has looked at it and then said **** this is bad we need to fix it. The valley full of poison is still a pain to navigate but in the large the game is much better now.

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    Got tired of farming shackles so decided to take a break and revisit this bad boy. I had left it off @ Edana in the first DLC. She was completely kicking my butt, I reckon I wasted 20 odd human effigies. After coming close beating her (including dying after killing her) I had my strategy and stuck to it, over and over and over. FINALLY I beat her relatively easily. Phew seriously this was the hardest boss I reckon in this game. So immediately there's another bloody boss, the
    . He kicks my arse a couple of times, I learn his moves after a few goes and bam I beat him after only a dozen or so attempts, I managed it. Man finishing DLC #1 was a relief. Now I'm onto the 2nd DLC and finding it a lot easier thus far. I am WAY over levelled so that may be helping somewhat.

    I reckon having played DSIII for over 100 hours has made me a better player in this game. It's a lot slower than DSIII and I really notice the 60 fps over the 30.

    Will I eventually plat this one, not sure I think I still need to beat NG+ (should be straightforward) but I know I have some farming (GRRR) and the bloody Darklurker ; which may just kill my determination.

    Still I've enjoyed my afternoon revisiting, I don't understand the hate this game gets, yeah it's not as good as 1 or 3 but it's still a great game.

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    This is the only Dark Souls I've played so far and it's hands down the best game I played all last year. I can sense the urge to play 3, but I don't think my mind and body are ready yet.

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    The first of the Dark Souls is still the best for me. Layout and atmosphere wise. Get your body ready for the remastered version of that!

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    I'm now onto

    Sir Alonne

    he's a tricky bugger, especially after I wasted about 15 effigies beating the

    Fume Knight

    he was tough, solo'd him in the end, as with most of the other bosses patience (and practice!) got me there in the end. There were some very cool bits in this 2nd DLC.

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    Somehow I had gone through most of my NG+ without killing Smelter Demon or Old Iron King. Now I struggled big time on NG with these okes, this time I solo'd them both first time

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    Finally got my plat. Damn it was hard work. 250 hours in total across my 2 characters.

    I don't get the extreme hate for this game, it may not be the best Souls game but it is a bloody good game and extremely enjoyable to play. My 2nd character was so diverse stat wise at the end I could play however I liked. This really added another element, it was so easy to tank, to sorcery, to 2H giant swords etc.

    I can put this bad boy back in the library for a while until my next play through in a year or two.

    Now back to DSIII, until DS1 remaster!! 2018's gonna be a Souls 'n Yakuza year


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