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    nin-nin games order?

    So I ordered from nin2 games and got confirmation on the 17th that it shipped by SAL registered.(2vita games)
    It hasn't updated yet, it's stuck on preparing for shipment on usps and dispatched on japan post.
    Does this mean it's still stuck in Japan or it shipped already?

    It says 2-3 weeks average for SAL but I would like to hear personal experiences if anyone is familiar with this shipping method.
    I'm in USA, California. I hope I get some updates soon... ._.

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    My PS4 order still says "Payment Received", despite it being delivered almost two weeks ago. Nin-nin have been weird with the updates recently. SAL can take up to twelve weeks in my experience, so I wouldn't panic yet.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    One of my preorders was stuck on "received" even when I was notified that it was shipped (along its tracking number). Unfortunately SAL is slow and untraceable, as J0e said, be patient (or use EMS next time).

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    I get any mail within a week from Japan - which is weird. But yeah, the mail system doesn't work for you. The longest I've waited is a few months.

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    Oh that sucks. I would be so impatient after a couple of weeks...

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    do you know how long it takes after it gets to your state or provinde?

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    I would have used ems but it was a very small package and I felt it didn't justify spending half the amount of the products

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    Wow. Nin-Nin-Game totally overhauled the look of their site. Will their service record improve?

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    For what it's worth, I've done a load of orders with Nin Nin and their service has been flawless.

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    Same as chopemon, though I'm limited to preorders.


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