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    Hmm... Aren't their shipping charges insane?

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    They are if you are shipping direct but you can't get games from them direct anyway. However if you use a forwarding service like tenso it works out pretty good as long as you aren't buying really heavy stuff.

    I bought 4 DS games from Amazon the shipping was free to my tenso address in Japan so the only fees were to get them from Tenso to me the fees including shipping by ems came to 2500-3000 yen. Heavier stuff is not cheap though but for light games im using this method more often. Plus from Amazon you can get hold of certain games that other importers crank up the price on.

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    3000 Yen isn't too bad. I might look into this myself, amazon have a few toys I'd like

    Also Nin-Nins shipping is insane...

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    nin-nin shipping on lowest is about 10 euros, or less. Amazon shipping was about 18 euros.

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    So here's my latest update! I placed my order and paid for the items on the 25th of June. Nin-nin sent the game a week later on Friday! My package arrived at Amazon France on Monday, the 14th of July and this is when I received my tracking number. They're sending it to Finland via I-Parcel. Now I see it's in Surrey, GB?!


    I've heard some criticism of I-Parcel from Amazon customers, but they were all Chilean or Peruvian or something, but seriously... Their hub is in the UK? Lame. Estimated time for my package to arrive is on the 28th of July!!!! I'm never using this service again. I don't know if it's worth the money. Or is patience awarded?

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    While the Japan-Amazon-home service sounds good, I still prefer a direct Japan-home shipping. EMS has been great in both Italy and Switzerland, and with Nin-Nin I never paid custom charges. SAL registered is a cheaper, slower alternative, but only for small packages. With large ones costs are more than EMS and shipping is slower.

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    I generally go for the cheapest option because I don't really care to pay about 20 more euros to speed up. It's not like I don't have anything else to do. Not only that, mail from Japan arrives to Finland very quickly (sometimes under a week). But of course customs charges are always a pain, so I will save with this method. However, maybe I can give EMS a try next time. Nin-nin-game at least marks down their packages.

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    Still sitting in Surrey! Great service!

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    Still in Surrey! They certainly were precise with their estimate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by danholo View Post
    Still in Surrey! They certainly were precise with their estimate!
    So how long did it take in total?
    I live in the Netherlands and also picked the Amazon shipping.
    Ordered it on a Monday, it got shipped next Friday. Now a week later still waiting for Amazon to send me a nice little email.
    So I am hoping that it will atleast ship out today, just like with your shipment. Will also update as this goes, to see how consistent this kind of shipping is.


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