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    The updated Final Fantasy IV has quietly popped up on Steam now to buy

    Rumours that Assassins Creed Rogue will be coming to PC. Not that we don't expect it on everything eventually

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    There's also a steam logo on the official ffxiii portal...

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    Do any of you have your PC's watercooled? just wondering if it's worth considering nowadays.

    I always like to dabble with overclocking and then benchmark with Valley HD Extreme test.

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    Got a corsair h50 here. Easy to fit unit, nothing fancy. Can overclock my i5 to 5.1ghz and it keeps it under 75c during torture tests. Quiet too although I did have the first unit fail.

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    Gets some stellar reviews the H50, I was leaning more towards GPU cooling, my mistake for not making that clear.

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    Road Redemption Early Access is out for ?13.50 till the 25th. Love the idea but personally not convinced it'll deliver anything more than generic homage.

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    Valve has overhauled the Steam Store with the Discovery update to try and make it a more personalised service able to better cope with the increase in content

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    So, today I've spent a fair but amassing a series of PC games on preorder because I spent too much time browsing the internet. Now paid up for are Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin's Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4 and The Evil Within. My main plus, but also the cause of this, being that it's cost me around half what it would have otherwise done to get the console versions.

    Also, I got Deadly Premonition: DC. Mere pence for frame rate fixed FK Coffee. Awesome.

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    PC game prices are mighty tempting now I have a decent set up too.
    Where did you buy most from SF? always have a number of PC game deals a day, mostly year old/indie stuff for silly money.

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    I've been using a mix of Fast2Play, and cjs-cdkeys
    Not had any issues with them as yet, Steams sales tend to take care of everything else. I'd already preordered stuff like Borderlands PreSequel and Alien Isolation through it. You have to keep them vs being able to trade on console but sometimes the savings are so steep its worth it. I think Fast2play has Shadow of Mordor, when searched for, for just ?18 atm


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