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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrock View Post
    Any comment on the performance? I played it quite a bit in various guises but never completed it so was considering picking up the PC version.
    It's working great now, after 18 months of patches

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    Yume Nikki getting some sort of official follow up.. after 100+ fan games based on the original RPG maker made madness over the last 14 years. Probably a phone game instead of a steam release, even enough the original did get a release on it this week.

    9 mins of recreated nostalgia.

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    ^ That DK PC is great. I've not seen many 1980's inspired designs like that, or least one I can recall.

    Has anyone been keeping an eye on PC component prices? I got a real shock when I noticed my graphics card is 750 to 800 on either OCUK or Amazon. I only paid 509 in September. But it also seems RAM is stunningly expensive atm due to similar shortages.

    I don't need to upgrade atm, but I hope these prices aren't a new norm. The weaker pound, higher priced CPU's and GPUs were already putting enough of a strain on prices already.

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    Although also blame memory shortages, greedy OEM board makers, greedy retailers and chip makers for being maxed out on supply or not having new lines.

    Either way hope it sorts itself. I remember cashing in on the ATI fueled cryto craze a few years ago (sold an 6950 for 200) but annoyingly mis-timed (a bit) selling my 980Ti.

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    @Superman Falls - I thought you meant free to add to your Steam account. However it's actually just a free weekend to play the game...Boo!

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    It's on sale for 5.74 as part of the free weekend, well worth a look at that price.

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