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    Xbox One : Thread 04

    Time to start the fourth thread for Xbox One and we'll open with this clanger. D4, the latest game from the makers of Deadly Premonition, has been given a worldwide release date... tomorrow! Yup, it's out 19 September. The game costs $15 and includes the Prologue, Episode 1 and Episode 2. More episodes will follow later and the whole thing can be played via Kinect if you prefer. Free dlc costumes will also release weekly

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    Fantastic news, Been waiting for this one.

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    And a KI Season 2 Maya trailer...

    Mick Gordon does it again.

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    I'd been feeling meh about getting the CE version of Season 2, now I can get the Season Pass and have enough credit for D4. Coolio

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    Good to see D4 appearing tomorrow, will be interesting stepping back into a Swery world, $15 ain't bad.
    Flockers is also released tomorrow from Team 17, if you like lemmings it's basically that style of game but with sheep and gore.

    Few more ID@Xbox games coming too, KickBeat Special Edition 26th September and Castle Storm Definitive Edition 24th September, ?7.99 each. Been trying KickBeat and it's not a bad rhythm game, basic ABXY button combos to music.
    Thomas Was Alone + DLC is heading to xbox one soon too and all being well DiveKick should soon.

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    Hi folks what it the easiest way of streaming from my PC which is running windows 7 with Windiws media centre,to my xbox one?

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    As long as it's in a file format the Xbox is ok with (mp4, avi etc), just find the file, right click on it and press "play to" (and select Xbox OS). You might have to press something on the xbox one the first time you do it.

    If you see the option with some files but not others, then you know it's a file format thing. If you don't see it for even simple avi files, then google. However, don't use avi - it doesn't stream well. Use mp4 / m4v etc.

    Xbone is ok with high profile h.264 which is nice. (high profile option in handbrake)
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    That KI2 trailer for Maya is awesome stuff. Cant wait.

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    Xbox One recieves another price cut in the UK by ?20. Very curious to know how much PS4 is outselling it by as MS keeps hacking that rrp down


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