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    Movie 595 - X Men: Days of Future Past
    Proving Fox can still make solid core X Men films when it wants to, this would probably be held a little higher if they hadn't ruined it with the next film. Does a really good job of combining both casts and resetting the table from the existing issues and continuity errors. All for nothing sadly.
    This is one of those movies like Rogue One, where opinions aside about the movie, there is a single scene that makes it worth the asking price - the Quicksilver sequence.

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    Movie 601 - The Expendables 3
    The third film took things into a more PG-13 friendly territory but despite the fuss made about it abandoning the R-Rated action of the first two I never really understood the fuss as the earlier entries were never huge gore fests so little was lost in the transition. The addition of new cast and subsequent back seating of several running cast members was a much bigger issue and hugely misguided. Other than that however this is an entry that borders on being the most enjoyable for me with Gibson doing a good job of hamming up his role and coming across as enough of a threat to Stallone's team. A tighter version of this film and the final entry should be good.

    Movie 602 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    It's Transformers if slightly better in some ways thanks to the cleaner designs making the action easier to read. Nothing great but passable.

    Movie 603 - Big Hero 6

    The adaptation of the obscure Marvel property into full blown Disney Classic works a treat and once again provides on of Disney's more emotionally effective modern animated films from a studio that has been fast outpacing Pixar at their own game.

    Movie 604 - Fast and Furious 7
    It's a fun watch with much of its popularity coming from a building momentum thrust on by Walkers death. As way of necessity it makes things awkward at times as despite the inflated budget it's all too obvious when Walker is being portrayed by stand in, screen edits, CG and super imposing which cuts the impact but considering the alterations necessary to make the film work they do a grand job of waving Brian off and the series hadn't quite yet pushed the excess too far.

    Movie 605 - Avengers: Age of Ultron
    The intention of this film is greater than its execution with the idea of the Avengers not being functional enough as a unit and prevalent egos creating their own threat being strong but the film is more clumsy than the first entry with Stark taking a step back on all fronts, Banner and Widows relationship curling toes in its awkwardness, new characters needlessly and lightly dropped in without impact and Ultron proving to be somewhat unlikeable mostly thanks to his Starkisms.

    Movie 606 - Mad Max: Fury Road
    Is this the longest onscreen car chase? Certainly it's one of if not the most impressive with the mix of practical and CG highlighting granting the action more weight than we're used to these days. A hugely technical and impressive tour de force in action direction. Certainly not...

    Movie 607 - San Andreas
    On the opposite side of the coin, this is laden with poor quality CG which robs a lot of the tension from its events. It's forgettable, generic natural disaster fare which is why it's so quickly been forgotten about by the world.

    Movie 608 - Insidious: Chapter Three
    This will be my next rewatch film which should prove interesting as I remember this third film being a little more accomplished than the first two.

    Movie 609 - Jurassic World

    It seems common to bemoan the latest Jurassic Park film but despite some issues it seems misplaced to dismiss it. It over relies on CG, CG that isn't as strong in places as that in the original film oddly and it can be a little too slavish to mimicking the original films beats but it's important to remember the state the franchise was in by this point and just how successful at resurrecting it this was. It's a very successful film at balancing the flirtation of new viewers interest with the nostalgia for old, full of nice moments than never let it tip too hard into being too silly to enjoy. That so many complaints focused on high heeled shows shows how nitpicking this revival's complaints would be.

    Movie 610 - Terminator: Genisys
    Yes it doesnt' live up to the original two, a feat likely never to be met, but taken more as a continuation of the train of thought T3 was on this is still a fun film with some solid action and nice moments mixed in amongst some of the more schlocky and cringe moments.

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    Movie 611 - Ant Man
    Enjoyed by many at the time but it's one of the less prolific Marvel films, this was okay but very middle of the road and not helped by being yet another film that felt at times too close to being an Iron Man remake. Given the quirky nature of the concept it could have done with more of its own unique style that hopefully the sequel will bring.

    Movie 612 - Inside Out
    I've seen this three times now and I stand by my position that it's not a bad film but it is one of Pixar's most generic adventures and is also hugely overrated. I feel most of the depth it has attributed to it is done so because of the viewer opting to do so rather than any actual content the film has. It's underdeveloped if anything, too quick to rely on the five emotional types and only lean on two of them to tell a very simple tale for a young girl who's tale is also hugely underdeveloped and simplistic. I'd have them never attempt a sequel, it's a rich set up but I find the view of the first film so skewed that a sequel would take such a level of detail to work and Pixar hasn't had that level of game in nearing a decade.

    Movie 613 - Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
    Another new director but the first real conservative sequel the series has had as it's clearly trying to recreate much of what worked in Protocol. The end result is a fun film that maintains the series standards but doesn't meet the bar of its immediate predecessor.

    Movie 614 - Minions
    I'm amazed people aren't tired of these yet, this was a highly forgettable spin-off from the deeply average main series.

    Movie 615 - The Fantastic Four
    The word is real. Any discussion about edits etc at the time was pointless, it's clear from the opening scene that the film is deeply flawed and misguided at every single level of its inception. I honestly don't think rebooting it yet again will work either, I don't feel the characters are strong enough to hold their own against the modern day heavyweights.

    Movie 616 - The Man from UNCLE

    This should have been more fun than it was, the film was too plodding and sterile for the most part. A torture room scene is the highlight as it has a bit more fun in a manner that would have served the whole film well if it had extended out from that one part.

    Movie 617 - Hotel Transylvania 2
    A very stock sequel. It's fine but the usual trick of mostly repeating what went before but adding new weaker characters to the mix is in place.

    Movie 618 - Spectre
    I still haven't brought myself to rewatch this to properly evaluate whether it's better or worse than Quantum. Flawed for sure and was the final proof I needed that I'm 100% done with 'serious' Bond. Get the next film out of the way then reboot it back to something more like a modern Goldeneye.

    Movie 619 - The Good Dinosaur
    Pixar's big box office stumble is a visual treat in many ways, it's not as bad a film as it was made out to be, it's just a very derivative film with little to offer that hasn't been done before.

    Movie 620 - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
    It's true that it's New Hope remade. It's better than New Hope though. I don't really care how offensive to fans that may seem as the thing with the original trilogy is that they're important, distinct films but they're also very much products of their age with a lot that's clunky about them beyond some of the visual effects. That Force Awakens is derivative of the film is its biggest sin and in the grim shadow of the prequels the film does an astounding job of updating the Star Wars image whilst retaining and refining everything that was important to be kept. Making the best Star Wars film ever isn't an impossible task, the bar amongst the series is broadly not that high. Force Awakens isn't that film but its stronger than most entries and sets the table for what will follow.

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    Movie 621 - Deadpool
    I feel this doesn't hold up as well on rewatch, much of its joy comes from the first time experience where it can throw new things and jokes at you at a steady pace but once you know the beats it exposes how slim the film is. It's a solid film, and a massive success at adapting the character to screen though.

    Movie 622 - London Has Fallen
    Not as strong as the first film and it over strains its limited budget. It has its moments including a lengthy single shot street shoot out but the franchise isn't well suited to open air action whilst I'm not convinced the subtle satire it gets credit for is intentional.

    Movie 623 - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
    As discussed in the DCU thread yesterday, it's an interesting film with some good moments and imagery etc but flawed and mist-timed. The Batman stuff is great though.

    Movie 624 - Captain America: Civil War
    Solid, but not as effective as the two entries before it. Wasting the potential of the storyline and held down by trying to be too similar to the Avengers films.

    Movie 625 - X Men: Apocalypse
    From the weaker end of the XCU, the film stumbles to many of the excesses of the past and despite its dig at X3, could arguably be the worser film.

    Movie 626 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows
    More of the same and despite some attempts to build the series towards having more classic elements in it, the film struggles to know its audience and suffers many of the same issues the TF films do.

    Movie 627 - Independence Day 2: Resurgence
    Man, talk about getting it wrong. Plays out like bad fan fiction, just an utterly misguided film in every regard. Well, they hired Goldlum again so not every regard.

    Movie 628 - The Conjuring 2
    Sits with the first entry really well to build out the bets horror series of modern years. It's all about the execution of tone with these films, so great to have horror's which aren't dependent on gore or even character deaths for impact.

    Movie 629 - Ghostbusters
    The reboot. The casting issue dominated much of the talk about the film but regardless of gender, they're just bad choices. Outside of that though, like Independence Day, the film is misconceived at almost every level then poorly delivered on top. Not surprising for a Sony movie but such a wasted opportunity.

    Movie 630 - Suicide Squad
    It's DC connection does amplify issues but as a simple action film it's alright.

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    Great read as always SF! How do you know all of this? Been keeping lists/cinema tickets?


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