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    Coming up to Christmas now. Anyone wanting to get fit for skiing or anything? Or thinking of setting New Year resolutions... why wait?

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    I used to post fairly regularly in the early days of the old thread, but have been struggling with my weight/fitness/motivation for a couple of years now. As always, I'm trying to get back into a regular workout routine but this is the hardest time of year to do it. Hit the big 4-0 next June and determined to start my next decade in shape.

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    I woke the night before last with a massive cramp in my calf. What's that all about?

    2 days later and it's still really sore. As in so sore, I wouldn't run on it (if I was running). Speaking of running, I'm hoping to be back on it tomorrow. I can barely feel the niggle in my knee now so should be safe enough for short runs.

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    Do you have a foam roller, Charles? I use mine on my IT bands, calf muscles, hamstrings and quads.

    I'm sore today but more so from working 2 out of 3 days at a trade show my company attends.

    Did the Parkrun on my Saturday off where they were promoting that everybody run without gadgets like GPS and music. It was a slightly alien, yet liberating feeling not having to check it every few seconds to see if I'm on target or not. Tried using others around me as pacemakers but I had no idea how fast they were going either!

    Spent a good portion of the race with 6 others in a block formation like you see in high level races and the difference in wind resistance was definitely noticeable, though you had to watch you footing.

    During the home stretch, I was overtaken by a 14 year old girl from a local running club but finished 56th out of 292 with a PB of 21:08. I reckon it'll be another 2 months of consistent training before I can break sub 20 minutes.

    My new training partner also ran, though he was running injured with bruised ribs so he dialed himself back a touch. Still finished with 22:42 which was a PB for me a few weeks ago running fit so he's definitely going to be able to push me to a new level if we train together.
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    Foam roller used!

    I can now run at various paces without GPS. I've got 7:30, 8:00 and 8:30 dialled.

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    Did you pop along to the Running Show at the weekend at all, Charles?

    Thought it was pretty decent with some great bargains to be had. I picked up a box of gels that would normally set me back ?20+ from online stores for only ?12!

    Notable absences from bigger brands, but I guess they're playing the wait and see game.

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    I wanted to, but I was looking after the kids all weekend - son wasn't well.

    Went out for an 8 mile race pace this morning (7:30min/mi). I was bang on although the heartrate was a little high due to my 2 weeks off and some champagne and beer last night.

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    Getting ready for the Grim Night terror in aldershot for January, came in at 573 out of 1134 last time so looking to improve on that. It started snowing heavily last time right at the start of the race, which made everything eerily muffled and quiet, coupled with it being the first race id ever done made it all quite cool

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    Smart!!!! What head torch do you use?

    I have a Pop-lite, which lasts 3hrs on 1x 18650cell (3100mAh). It's not dimmable as stated though. I'll be using mine when running before dawn tomorrow.


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