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Thread: Motorbikes

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    I have recently been considering the possibility of taking motorbike lessons, as I would like to get me a motorcycle.
    Whilst I have a car, driving this isn't really much fun, whereas I have heard when driving a bike, this is really enjoyable, so much so that longer routes to a destination are sought out to prolong the experience.
    Anyway are there any people on here who ride a motorbike, and would they like to share their experience of this.
    Also what steps exactly does someone need to take to get a full licence?

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    RE taking longer routes.
    Yesterday I decided to ride the bike to work. In the car I get on the M3 pootle down it at 70mph and come off the other end - a 45 mile journey of boredom and danger (falling asleep at the wheel). On the bike I take back roads all the way and giggle nervously for an hour scaring myself stupid at every available opportunity. It's amazing.
    Once you tried a bike though, it's very frustrating sitting in traffic jams when driving the car again....
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    Oh and if you are feeling flush, you could always get one like this. In the same time a golf GTi has just reached 60mph, this is doing 200mph.

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    Nahhh that's far too slow

    You want one of these Click

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    not if you want to turn corners...

    anyway, i went into a motorbike shop last weekend and now have fallen in love with the ktm supermoto. it's on my 'to do' list.

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    Heheh. That's the campest bike I have ever seen. 300mph without a rider maybe. The lack of fairing will be an issue at anything above 150.

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    It's got four wheels - how can anyone call it a bike ... anything above 90 mph is an issue without fairing for more than a few minutes.

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    Haha Haha i know, made me laugh when i first saw it though...

    I've not got a bike YET.. so i have the pleasure of being a pillion on my dad's bikes. He's got a BMW GS 1100 which we drove down to Le Mans last year on and a rather nifty Honda CBR 1100 Bluebird xx which scares the hell out of me

    I can't wait till i get a bike, hoping to get one next year ^ ^

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    It maybe a little stupid but I have been really inspired to drive a motorbike in the past few months. It started with watching ?A Long Way Around?; and then heightened with reading ?The Motorcycle Diaries? and ?Jupiter?s Travels? (haven?t finished yet) ? must look at getting something simple... perhaps?


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