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Thread: God of War 5

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    God of War 5

    It's been confirmed that Santa Monica is working on a new God of War game and that it won't be another prequel entry. Hopefully it's not a reboot and the devs find a suitable route to continue Kratos's journey as the last game felt really half baked and struggling due to all the main greek gods being done. Seems pretty much a lock for PS4 and still a way off.

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    viking gods next i reckon thor vs kratos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Family Fry View Post
    Calling it now, Goddess of War.
    We already have that; it's called Heavenly Sword.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Family Fry View Post
    Calling it now, Goddess of War.
    BEWBS!! Gamergate will have a jiggly field day.

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    Sadly I lost interest at 3. They messed the feel of the combat up and it was so similar I got bored.

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    This is getting kinda sad, really.

    The God of War games, technically, are really polished and very fun to play, but they're played out. We've had 5 of them now, along with other titles that have tried to borrow loads of elements (Dante's Inferno and Heavenly Sword). We really don't need any more.

    The team should, on the back of their successes, be given the reign to come up with something else in the same genre. The problem is that people are too risk-averse.

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    April 20th!!! So psyched!!!

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    Looks great - love some God of War, me - although having Kratos as father figure lecturing the boy on the need to combine strength with self-restraint was a bit...out of character.


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